Best Mojito Ever with MCHEF GINGER AND LIME Cocktail Spice

  • 4 fresh leaves of mint
  • 1 slice of lime, halved, divided
  • 1 tb. spoon of MCHEF GINGER AND LIME
  • 1 tb. spoon of BLACK SHANK Maple Lime/Lemon Syrup
  • 1.75 oz. Bacardi Superior Rum
  • 0.5 oz. Cointreau
  • Chipped Ice
  • San Pellegrino sparkling water (less sodium in this one)
  1. In a long and thin 12 oz. glass from the freezer, add mint, lime slice, MCHEF GINGER AND LIME and the maple syrup. Muddle ingredients in the bottom of the glass, an average of 12 turns to release its flavors.
  2. Add chipped ice.
  3. Fill with Bacardi, Cointreau and sparkling water.

Enjoy to the fullest the flavors blended to perfection! What a natural way to taste the MOJITO of the year! Clean-Label!

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