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MCHEF is proudly a “«clean-label»” herbs and spice company! In It’s about time to find allergen free herbs and spices! Way to go! We are promoting our blends in the food service and in the retail sectors.

MCHEF Inc., a young business founded in Montreal in 2009, develops allergen free rubs, aromates and cocktail spice blends with the following specifications: GMO free, gluten free, filler free, MSG free, and low in salt intake (1/10 of seal salt). MCHEF is one of the pioneers in «clean-label» spices to better serve consumers who have food restrictions, intolerances and allergies.

MCHEF’s mission is to enhance and bring to a higher level of quality dishes and beverages.

MCHEF offers a wide range of tasty and unique blends in the food service sector: restaurants, institutions, hospitals, and hotel/restaurant chains. MCHEF began marketing its product line in the retail grocery stores and expanded by offering «clean-label» spices for private label companies. Spread the word! Our innovative company took 5 years to develop the best of best in allergen free spices, and what about the packaging, preserving the true virtues of spices up to 18 months. Way to go!