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50 g per airtight bag


Add incredible flavors into your daily meals! It will smell amazing in your kitchen!



Sprinkle or use it as a marinade with oil to wrap up the spices.  Amazing over meat, fish, tofu-tempeh, legume, vegetable, salad, potato and sauce. Have fun enhancing your dishes with the STEAK RUB, it’s savory and it has an exquisite smoky flavor on every pinch!


Our Texan rub mixed with grounded spices and whole seeds, perfectly dosed, is made of natural ingredients. Lightly smoked, exquisite flavors to add a little kick to potatoes, ribs, BBQ sauce, pork, meatballs, hamburgers, chicken wings and sprinkled over popcorn. Not to forgot to mention that the SAN ANTONIO rub is a delight over salmon and seafood. Try it out as a marinade with tempeh or tofu! Taste the Authentic Texan Blend made in San Antonio with turkey legs on the charcoal grill. Miam! Love it!


This very exquisite southeastern rub is inspired by one of the best traditional cuisine in the USA: the Louisiana’s Kitchen. Made with freshly ground spices, crushed seeds, and a special fine herbs mix to enhance your potatoes, meat, fish, seafood, tofu-tempeh, legume and vegetables dishes. Jazz up your favorite BBQ roasting and grilling recipes with the perfect Creole-Cajun herbs and spice blend for the pleasure of your guests and family!


Truly inspired by the best cuisines from the islands of the world, Chef Marie added some love into this special blend to enhance with confit ginger all protein dishes: meat, fish, seafood, tofu-temped and legume. Have fun cooking a stir-fry, adding few pinches into stews, braisé, and into marinade before grilling or roasting. You may travel simply by smelling herbs and spices from the islands in your kitchen. Have fun discovering our very special blend.


Barman, mixologist, BBQ Pros, and Chefs (home chefs and professionals), This is a very special smokey sweet n’ salty cocktail spice blend that you can use like a rub. Spark it, caramlize it, twist it for your whiskey cocktail and marinade. If you burn it, it will caramelize and will frost like a nice maple shack candy around the rim, torch it over meat like chicken, rubs and BBQ sauce, over red fish and tofu! Not to mention mixed with mustard and potatoes…Amazing tasty results! Guarantee you will enjoy the new flavors in the palate. Way to go! This is a heavy metal rub!


Allergen Free barley, oat, rye, corn, cellulose, peanuts, nuts, lactose, products from the sea and sesame. Filler free, gluten free, MSG free, GMO free, Trans fat free, sulphite free and sulphate free. VEGAN Friendly. Kosher. All our products are laboratory tested and verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality.

MULTIPURPOSE Herbs and Spice Blends that will enhance your favorite dishes! Just spice it up! MCHEF® is always a touch of creativity to enhance your taste buds!

It’s a risk free to use our line of spices, here are the best tips that I would like to share with you:

  • You may use only 2 g per serving instead of 4.5 g per serving vs our competition
  • The small size is a 25 serving per 1.76 oz. for all rubs-aromates
  • The bigger size is a 120 serving per 10.58 oz for all rubs-aromates
  • 9 spice mixes amazingly dosed to perfect all recipes: meat, fish, tofu, vegetables, from the appetizers to the final course!
  • Unique mixes for your special meals of the day, your weekly specials and for dishes that require a food restriction and allergies preparation: vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, peanuts free, low in sodium etc. (More common in the menus today)
  • Put half the amount you are usually using in your prep because MCHEF® ingredients are pure.
  • Save up to 50% in your cost, it’s worth trying MCHEF®!
  • In addition, you contribute to the mission “clean-label”
  • And you give back $0.25 of each product to the cause of research for children.

Thank you for contributing to the clean-label with us!


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