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to your cooking, baking and mixology

Chef Marie's New Organic Spice Collection is Launching Very Soon After 10 Years of R&D! Even Better Quality Ingredients For Your Delicious Cooking! ADD A LITTLE SPICE AND GET A LOT OF TASTE!

We are proud to offer you one of the best quality herbs and spices on the market!

We help conscious professionals and home cooks to cook with top ingredients without compromising FLAVORS. Level up culinary experiences!

The MCHEF® line features basic herbs and spices, rubs and spice cocktail blends – all blend recipes carefully custom-made, cleaned and packaged in North America. It's a 10 year R&D process! Newly Organic USDA this fall 2019! Totally filler-free: Gluten free (wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oat) Peanuts free (and by-products) Nuts free (and by-products) Dairy free (milk, lactose, casein, whey) Soy free / Eggs free / Shellfish free Sulfite free / Sesame free Mustard free (except the STEAK RUB) Coconut free / Corn free / Canola free Cellulose free / Low in salt HACCP, GFSI, SQF7.2 and Kosher Certified


Enhance Naturally Your Meals for a Burst of Flavors!

About About
You will love Chef Marie Natural Organic Filler-free Allergy-free Herbs & Spices. Chef Marie has developed with her expert team delicious blends to perfect your cooking, baking and mixology. It took 10 years of R&D process to develop these new quality spices. Chef Marie highlights the famous cuisines of the world in her exquisite flavors portfolio spice concept.
Discover Chef Marie's Spice Variety

Chef Marie is a passionate entrepreneur, business owner since 2003, author, guest show, speaker and masterclass tutor for private events and team building workshops.

Take a look at Chef Marie's Lifestyle Food Guide on Amazon
For more info on Chef Marie's new cookbook, click here and it will bring you to the web page without leaving our website!

Sprinkle half the amount you are usually adding to your food prep because our products contain only herbs and spices. Save on cost and on ingredients! 

MCHEF®’s mission is simple:
Bring a daily organic burst of flavors adapted to the lifestyle and nutrition of each and every one.

Be recognized as a top quality supplier in the organic spices market in the USA.

  • Caring-Centered on the Well-Being
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
Our implemented system:
1. Outsource the best organic herbs and spices from around the world mostly from India, South of Europe, South of America, Asia and North America.
2. Purify them with latest natural herbs and spice cleansing methods such as steam evaporation and ionization.
3. In our laboratory, we do not work with allergens; we do not add anything to our herbs and spices: fillers, additives, chemicals.
4. We have developed the best packaging to preserve quality, freshness, and colors of herbs and spices.
5. Then the herbs and spices are ready to be used and sprinkled over everyday recipes for your cooking – baking and even mixology. You can now enjoy the health benefits of herbs and spices. Simply to improve quality of life and cooking experiences!

"Let's bring back quality ingredients to healthy nutrition." Chef Marie
For more information about Chef Marie, you are invited to click on this link to view her media website. 


Learn How To Cook Efficiently with Chef Marie - Spice Expert Specialized in Allergens - Author, Business Owner, Show Guest and Speaker: Chef has a lot to give and to share! Contact Chef Marie Today! 702-482-2886 / 1-800-514-4950 /

Masterclasses: Have fun learning with Chef Marie while tasting GREAT FOOD at ZEN Coffee Bar in Las Vegas

Culinary Workshop Package - 60 Minutes to half a day - Chef Marie shares her culinary tips and technics. Learn to perfect your cooking style. Discover how to become intuitive in your cooking. Services between $65.00 (60 min. classes) to $185.00 per guest (half a day)

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Weekly Menu Preparation by Chef Marie - Private Chef Services

Chef Marie is making sure to prepare you the best nutritious, healthy, delicious weekly custom made menu for all meals - One of a Kind Private Chef Service in Las Vegas - Chef Marie takes in count your personalized nutrition: Recipes for all diets and lifestyle: Low-carbs, gluten-free, diabetic menu, ketogenic menu, paleo menu, fitness pro menu, clean-eating, allergy-friendly, in Las Vegas A weekly healthy menu includes per pers. 5 smoothie mix - 5 snacks - 5 breakfasts - 5 lunch - 5 dinners - 5 desserts Service and Time: 2 hours grocery shopping including travel expenses 6 hours of cooking and baking $387.00 all inclusive + grocery

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Speaker - Guest Show

Great ideas to turn your event into an Experience! We al love to eat great food. Listen to an expert in gastronomic and culinary delights. Chef Marie is not only a successful foodie that knows how to prepare a dish but run the successful business that puts on it your table. If you want to learn from the best chefs, book your next event with Chef Marie. You can definitely call this event a gourmet talk about cooking, Haute Cuisine, culinary arts, gastronomy, business, entrepreneur lifestyle, passion and trendy speaking Experience. Inventor of one of the first line of allergy-free herbs and spices to launch on the market back in 2013, Chef Marie is a French Canadian executive chef mastering cooking since 1996, R&D expert specialized in allergens, cookbook author, business owner since 2003 and an international speaker. Have Chef Marie be your show guest during your event, you will be delighted, Chef Marie is a fine connoisseur and has a lot to share about her professional journey, her mission of true organic flavors - new trends and agro-food news.

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The BRAND Recognition: Chef Marie and her R&D expert team offer a turnkey service to enhance the customer’s relationships of our clients. Another way to better serve clients while promoting businesses. Get the best quality of herbs and spices for your customers. Spice company, charity events, corporate events, corporate gifts, sponsors products, we have what it take for your marketing product!

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Masterclass Schedule

Experience the "Art de la Table" Masterclasses with Chef Marie at Zen Coffee Bar in Las Vegas

Upcoming Events

Title Date Location
KIDS Venue! Cook with Chef Marie the Best Mac N' Cheese Ever & Bake Warm Chewy Cookie! Miam! - Copy - Copy 03 Dec 2019 Zen Coffee Shop 10960 S Eastern Ave. #103 Henderson NV 89052
The Secrets Are In The Sauces: Perfect Meat, Fish, Veggies, Pasta and Dessert Sauces Chef Solo Demo 07 Dec 2019 Zen Coffee Shop 10960 S Eastern Ave. Suite 103 Henderson NV 89052
KIDS Venue! Cook with Chef Marie the Exquisite Grilled Cheese - Confit Onion and Sautéed Apples AND Delicious Nutritious Energy Balls 10 Dec 2019 Zen Coffee Shop 10960 S Eastern Ave. Suite 103 Henderson NV 89052
Adults Cooking Class: The 90 Minutes Weekly Menu Food Prep! Chef Solo Demo - Perfect 5 meals x 3 a day + snacks, desserts and smoothies 14 Dec 2019 Zen Coffee Shop 10960 S Eastern Ave. Suite 103 Henderson NV 89052


MCHEF® Burst of Flavors hosted by Chef Marie and Lee Cummings. Listen to the journey of influencers. We share information about nutrition, fitness, inner work tips, daily balance routines. Time to optimize "life" for a fun and colorful lifestyle! This podcast inspires for a healthier and better ways to live your journey by adding a little magic spice during your day!

Costas Schuler - How I Cultivate My Creativity

How To Cope With Soul, Body And Mind Balance Daily Aftermath

Rahart Sadiqzai - The Actor And His Journey

Jeffrey Allard, Producer: The PUSH: Owning Your Reality Is Where The Journey Begins

Dana Bryant: The WARRIOR WOMEN

Feeding Joy with Chef Marie

Uniting Inner Work, Fitness And Nutrition: Changing The Way We Eat And Lose Weight with Lee Cummings

Finding Peace Amidst The Noise with Julie Christopher

Inner work - Nutrition - Fitness for a Healthy Lifestyle

We are here to help and serve our communities in focusing on fun without hassle!

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UpToDate Where You See It First!

MCHEF: Chef Marie's Cookbook, get your Kindle e-book or hard copy on Amazon! Discover Revisited 100 French Recipes: Tasty, New Flavors, All easy to make, All low-carbs & Creative

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MCHEF: The New Organic Spice Collection next November! With determination, we can certainly make reverse the impossible to POSSIBLE. Of course the recipe is divine: « With a little bit of magic spice and lots of heart and passion, et voilà! After 10 years, it’s now happening!

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MCHEF BURST OF FLAVORS - Chef Marie and Lee Cummings are making their own podcast! The main 3 key ingredients of our show recipe are NUTRITION, FITNESS AND INNER WORK

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MCHEF BURST OF FLAVORS - Chef Marie and Lee Cummings are making their own podcast! This show is about the search of a balanced healthy lifestyle. The main 3 key ingredients are NUTRITION, FITNESS AND INNER WORK

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MCHEF® BURST OF FLAVORS - Chef Marie's and Lee Cummings Podcast: We can’t wait to talk to you about our first guest ever! Stay tuned! It’s exciting! Enjoy a burst of life with flavors 🍀Let's talk about appealing food and good habits and behaviors related to healthy nutrition!

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Chef Marie Guest Invitee at the Lakikid's Podcast: The Ask and Autism Mom Live Show

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Chef Marie is the Live Guest Show at The Ask and Autism Mom live show will be streamed LIVE on Facebook Monday May 27th at 1 pm EST. Let's talk about appealing food and good habits and behaviors related to healthy nutrition!

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Chef Marie from MCHEF® talks about her professional path, she explains why new clean herbs and spices, top quality ingredients, are a must for everyday cooking - baking and for beverages and mixology.

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Mr. Kevin Harrington, originally from Shark Tank, is spreading the good news about our new spice line innovation for families. Our unique product specification is positively differentiating us. It's so good! Specially made for Foodies

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Live Life with A Little Spice Every Day! Chef Marie always believes in the best quality herbs and spice ingredients to recipe success! Here are the best tips to use herbs and spices to the fullest in your cooking. New Better Ways in Flavoring Recipes with Spices!

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Check out the new Chef Marie website!

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We will be in Canadian Tire soon to start well the BBQ season with you!

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Chef Marie is writing a cookbook trilogy: All French Recipes - All Cocktails

MCHEF®: Marinated Gourmet Olives à la Provençale. This amazing snack gourmet recipe is full of flavors! Little bites for the guests. Sip on a dry sherry or other dry wines; very light and crisp white wines can balance the olive's flavor too!

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MCHEF®: Chef Marie Seared Scallops, Citrus Butter Sauce and Fried Shallot. This is a huge treat for anybody who is a fan of scallop dishes! This is a recipe that make MCHEF popular with Foodies and Connoisseurs! It's a must to make it at home! To do for your loved ones this weekend. Try this! Easy and Delicious! The wine pairing is Chablis, mineral, crispy chilled wine...One of my classic entry's favorite! This amazing recipe is gluten-free!

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MCHEF®: Tender Mini Meatballs Bites & Port Veal Demi-glace. This is such a delicious recipe. To do for your guests this weekend, for your family for week nights. Try this! Easy and Delicious! I learned this famous recipe at Le Caveau, a 50 year French Cuisine Restaurant back in Montreal in 1999. It will be a success as little bites with a glass of red wine for your dining event, I guarantee! The wine pairing is below as well.

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MCHEF®: Festival Smoked Salmon Tartare, Crème Fraîche and Lemon Emulsion.This is another one my of my client's favorite recipe of all time back in 2003 when I was making gastronomical events. I am excited to share this exquisite salmon recipe. I learned this famous recipe at Le Caveau, a 50 year French Cuisine Restaurant back in Montreal in 1999. It will be a success as an entry for your...

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MCHEF®: Brie Croustade, Honey Caramelized Onion and Truffle Oil. This is one my of my client's favorite recipe of all time back in 2003 when I was making gastronomical events! It's a must! I am excited to share this one with you! It will be a success, guarantee! The wine pairing is below as well.

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MCHEF®: A delicious warm bruschetta with goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts, MCHEF SOUTH OF FRANCE Herbs Blend, basic and focaccia or ciabatta. Heaven on earth with a glass of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. One of the perfect duo.

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MCHEF®: Taste my Grandma's Jano Apple Pie with Maple and Walnuts Recipe Totally Gluten-free. She adds some maple syrup and walnuts to it. And she was serving a warm piece with a spoon of whipped cream (never sweetened) and a huge cup of vanilla ice cream :)

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MCHEF®: Super Chewy Chef Marie's Chocolate Chip Cookie! Keto / Sugar-free / Gluten-free. This recipe will make the whole family go Wooooh! Chewy and super delicious!!!

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MCHEF®: I have to share with you my latest recipe of Decadent Choco Chia & Flax Seeds Pudding I guarantee this success recipe to chocolate lovers❤️

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MCHEF®: For the pleasure of taste, make this delicious treat, keto, sugar free and vegan, creamy and smooth chocolate avocado cream packed with nutrients!

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MCHEF®: This very exquisite southeastern rub is inspired by the Louisiana’s kitchen. Freshly ground spices, crushed seeds, perfect to enhance the Exquisite Shrimp Verrine Recipe with the HERBS FROM LOUISIANA and a special herb mix to enhance

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Make Splendid Edible Multicolor Flower Ice for your cocktails, drinks, and summer beverages or simply on water and lemonade!

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I use her blends for our bar at Taboo since 2015! Come and see our cocktail menu! - Chef Tommy Meilleur Taboo, Montreal QC Canada

More Reviews

Smokey Maple and San Antonio together are amazing over chicken! I use MCHEF products since 2017 and keep buying these 2 rubs! Love them and love Marie! - Chef Doug Zuk, Hanks Restaurant Green Valley Station Casino, Las Vegas NV


Find our latest food recommendations and guideline of our online store

Chef Marie’s approach make you discover in a different way the worldwide famous cuisines flavors into her unique blends by paying attention to each and every taste of the herbs and spices while abandoning salt intake for better health conditions. Chef Marie’s mission is to provide high quality, healthy, clean label while clearly displaying information relevant to consumer’s health.

Newly USDA Organic
Totally filler-free:
Gluten free (wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oat)
Peanuts free (and by-products)
Nuts free (and by-products)
Dairy free (milk, lactose, caseine, whey)
Soy free
Eggs free
Shellfish free
Sulfite free
Sesame free
Mustard free (except the STEAK RUB)
Coconut free
Corn free
Canola free
Cellulose free
Low in sodium
HACCP and Kosher Certified

You can keep the MCHEF® herbs and spice blends for a period of over 3 years in its specialized resealable (thick zipper) metalized pouch at room temperature away from heat and light.

You can also freeze MCHEF® herbs and spice blends up to 1 year. The specialized bag is resealable under vacuum package, which ensures a longer shelf life for herbs and spices. The package includes a foil layer to protect the herbs and spices from light, moisture and air.

BE INTUITIVE IN YOUR COOKING! Go ahead pinch by pinch while tasting. MCHEF® herbs and spice blends are very concentrated in taste!
It only takes a pinch or two to enhance your dishes! Try it and taste the difference!

Sprinkle MCHEF® organic herbs and spice blends over marinade or over a cooked dish just before serving. It is great to use MCHEF® herbs and spice blends, natural or cooked; you will get two different tastes. You can add the MCHEF® herbs and spices before, during or after cooking!

No need to add salt! MCHEF® herbs and spice blends contain all unique flavors to enhance your dishes! Enjoy!

The reasons we carry so many herbs and spice blends are because everyone has a different palate. However, at home, our personal favorites are STEAK RUB, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, ISLANDS. MEXICO, SOUTH OF FRANCE and PROVENCE.

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromates, extremely tasty and delicious for all dishes. We personally love our MEDITERRANEAN, a lemon paradise with a crunch of coriander seeds. Other staff favorites include THE ISLANDS, confit ginger for hot travelers, and THAILAND for the lemongrass and cilantro flavors. Our new MEXICO blend is absolutely delicious for your taco and Mexican dishes!

MEDITERRANEAN, hands down, for whitefish, a lemon paradise. For salmon or other heavy ocean fish, we like THAILAND, THE ISLANDS, SMOKED SAN ANTONIO and THE SOUTH OF FRANCE, and MADAGASCAR for sea food, lobsters and crustacean for the love of vanilla and peppercorn.

Our best seller is THE SOUTH OF FRANCE aromates for its amazing dried tomato and lemon peel flavors. We personally have a thing for SMOKED SAN ANTONIO, and THE ISLANDS rub that gives a ginger twist to all recipes! Also, THAILAND is mild and the lemongrass flavor kicks in a little…So delicious! And our new MEXICO will be absolutely delicious for your taco and Mexican dishes!

THE SOUTH OF FRANCE is really the greatest all-purpose herbs and spice blend because it is the first one that have been made for my mother Louise. She requested fully balanced herbs and spice blends for all recipes and we have worked on these aromates from France.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you the GRANDMA SWEET DESSERT SPICE for cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, to sprinkle over ice cream, hot chocolate and chai tea. The whole family will enjoy!

Enhance your cocktail experience for your parties!
  1. FUNKY BLOODY for all Bloody Mary and Bloody Caesar! Add a pinch over oysters too and over tempura shrimps!
  2. GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE for your nutty, creamy, sweet, dessert cocktail and also for your beverages like eggnog, chai tea, caramel chai latte, Kahlua coffee, Irish coffee and more!

We do sell to many restaurants, caterers, bakeries, medical health care centers, hotels, casinos etc. We offer a wholesale discount. Please email and tell us that you would like to set us a wholesale account and we will send you our form. You can also call us for specifics at 1-800-514-4950 to speak to Chef Marie and her team.

Please do not hesitate to ask for MCHEF® products from your distributor located in Canada, in the USA, in Europe, in India, in Asia and in Australia. We assure you that you can always purchase our products worlwide.
While we make the utmost effort to fulfill your order, occasionally certain items may be unavailable. We will notify you via your email confirmation if we are out of stock on an item that you have ordered. Any changes will be removed from your order total and will be reflected on your shipping invoice. Items that are backordered will be indicated in your confirmation.

Due to the quick processing time of all orders, we are unable to cancel or modify an order after it has been submitted.

We try to price spice shipping to just cover our costs. Your shipping cost is based on the location:
Canada and Unites States: $10.00
International: $15.00
As soon as UPS picks up your package and enters it into our system, we will send you a notification and trcking number by email.


Chef Marie is committed to answer to your request in short delays!

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, United States