Enhance naturally your healthy meals with burst of organic flavors!

You will love Chef Marie's Natural USDA - OCIA Organic Spices. Chef Marie and her team of experts are on a clean-label mission since 2009 to developed natural herbs and spice blends to perfect your cooking, baking and mixology. It took 10 years of R&D process to put in place natural cleansing methods for herbs and spices. This unique and premium quality spice collection is 100% hassle-free, filler-free, Earth-Kosher certified, HACCP Certified, low in salt, gmo-free, MSG-free, vegan-friendly and does not contain the main 12 allergens such as gluten, wheat, peanuts, nuts, eggs, soy, sesame, dairy, shellfish, coconut that too often are added as fillers.The heart of this special spice development is to highlight the famous cuisines of the world, international flavored herbs and spices blends, in Chef Marie’s exquisite flavors portfolio spice concept. Discover our spice variety on Amazon

Chef Marie is a passionate entrepreneur, business owner since 2003, cookbook author, guest show, speaker, host of the MCHEF® Burst of Flavors Podcast and masterclass tutor for private events, cooking classes and team building workshops. Hire Chef Marie as your personal chef to live a unique gastronomical and musical experience. Be the guest in the comfort of your home.

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New Chef Marie's Lifestyle Food Guide on Amazon!

I recently published on Amazon a beautiful cookbook with 100 easy to make recipes, including gorgeous color photos. The cookbook has many low-carb and gluten-free recipes, as well as with vegan alternatives, and come chocked full of great tips to help you along the way! The cookbook is the perfect companion to the Spice solutions collection. Creating this cookbook was a journey back in time for me, fondly remembering the wonderful times spent cooking with my beloved grandma in her kitchen! I now host an interactive podcast about gastronomy and lifestyle, titled ‘MCHEF Burst of Flavors’. My commitment and mission to clean-labels through full transparency continues as I travel the world to bring awareness of the benefits of health through clean food and education, and nutritious recipes for healthy eating, with helpful chef's tips and videos.

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Sprinkle only half the amount you are usually adding to your food prep because our products contain only herbs and spices. Save on cost and on ingredients! 

MCHEF®’s mission is simple:
Bring a daily organic burst of flavors adapted to the lifestyle and nutrition of each and every one.

  • Caring-Centered on the Well-Being
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
Our implemented system:
1. Outsource the best organic herbs and spices from around the world mostly from India, South of Europe, South of America, Asia and North America.
2. Purify them with latest natural herbs and spice cleansing methods such as steam evaporation and ionization.
3. In our laboratory, we do not work with allergens; we do not add anything to our herbs and spices: fillers, additives, chemicals.
4. We have developed the best packaging to preserve quality, freshness, and colors of herbs and spices. A 3 years shelf life without compromising quality and freshness of our products!
5. Then the herbs and spices are ready to be used and sprinkled over everyday recipes for your cooking – baking and even mixology. You can now enjoy the health benefits of herbs and spices. Simply to improve quality of life and cooking experiences!

"Let's bring back quality ingredients to healthy nutrition." Chef Marie