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MEXICO: Make your taco nights something to “taco” talk about! It includes great spices like chili powder, cumin, garlic, red pepper flakes, and paprika. Whether you make your tacos with ground beef, ground turkey, pulled chicken, ground chicken, or tofu–this spice mixture is a winner. Add it to chili, meat/fish/tofu/tempeh marinades before grilling, stir it into cooked rice, grains, and beans and mix it into salsa for a dip or with roasted bell peppers and oil to turn this spice into its namesake sauce. Add a little sprinkle for fajitas and other dishes that need a quick pinch of authentic Mexican flavor!

SOUTH OF FRANCE: This is the very first Chef Marie’s aromatic blend that we have developed to all recipes! Chef Marie loves to enhances her blends with lemon, zest and its juice, a duo twists while gathering the best flavors in the palate: lemon to balance the dish, dried tomato to sweeten the dish, black ground pepper to give a little kick to the taste buds, lavender as a mild and floral flavor, and a mix of herbs to bring love to your cuisine. Try it in every way possible: tartar, omelet, soup, dressing, salad, sauce, over meat, over fish, over seafood, over tofu-tempeh, vegetable, stew, broth, braisé; it’s simply wonderful for all basic meals and will smell nice in your kitchen. “The Classical Herbal Blend” that everybody will enjoy!

STEAK RUB: THE BEST ORGANIC STEAK RUB EVER MADE FOR BBQ PROS! You must try this amazing and ultra-tasty rub made for BBQ professionals blended in the heart of Montreal! A lot of chefs are using this special blend because it’s the real taste of the classical and authentic spice recipe developed in Montreal. Our Steak Rub is all-natural ingredients and low in salt. We added a little smoky twist into it! Everybody, your family, your guests will love our STEAK RUB! The STEAK RUB is for multipurpose recipes: Sprinkle or use it as a marinade with oil to wrap up the spices over meat, fish, tofu-tempeh, legume, vegetable, salad, potato and sauce.

ISLANDS: Truly inspired by the best cuisines from the islands of the world, Chef Marie added some love into this special organic spice blend to enhance with confit ginger all protein dishes: meat, fish, seafood, tofu-tempeh and legume. Have fun cooking a stir-fry, adding few pinches into stews, braisé, and into marinade before grilling or roasting. You may travel simply by smelling, cooking with our herbs and spices and finally, by tasting authentic meals from the islands.

SAN ANTONIO: The Texan rub mixed with grounded spices and whole seeds, perfectly dosed, are made of natural ingredients. Lightly smoked exquisite flavors to add a little kick to potatoes, ribs, BBQ sauce, pork, meatballs, hamburgers, chicken wings and sprinkled over popcorn. Not to forgot to mention that the SAN ANTONIO rub is a delight over salmon and seafood. Try it out as a marinade with tempeh or tofu! Taste the Authentic Texan Blend made in San Antonio with turkey legs on the charcoal grill.

LOUISIANA: This very exquisite southeastern rub is inspired by one of the best traditional cuisine in the USA: the Louisiana’s Kitchen. Made with freshly ground spices, crushed seeds, and special fine herbs mix to enhance corn, potatoes, meat, fish and seafood, tofu-tempeh, legume and vegetables dishes. Jazz up your favorite BBQ roasting and grilling recipes with the perfect Creole-Cajun herbs and spice blend for the pleasure of your guests and family!

PROVENCE: This aromatic and herbal blend is the first recipe that it has been given to me by my chef and mentor Jean-Paul Grappe at Montreal’s Culinary School in Canada, back in 1999. This perfect dosage of herbs balances beautifully red meat, especially game meat and lamb, into marinade and simply sprinkled over before cooking in the oven, or on the grill. Add flavors to turkey, to chicken, to broth, to soups, to sauces, even over pizza, to enhance your favorite dishes. All cooks must have an herbs blend from Provence in the kitchen pantry. It’s a must!

THAILAND: This amazing fine herbs and spice blend are inspired from the greatest Thailand Cuisine! It will be an exotic travel destination for your next dish. It’s a nice ginger and lemongrass kick in the palate, guarantee is every bite! The fine herbs will enhance to perfection your soup, and meat, fish, sea food, tofu-tempeh, vegetable sautés! Put a wok over heat, a drizzle of oil and spice up your recipes with the Thailand flavor blend!

MADAGASCAR: Chef Marie honors the French Cuisine and crafted a very special herbal blend with Pink Peppercorns, Ginger, Anise, Cardamom and Vanilla. Rich and aromatic, herbaceous and with a subtle note of natural vanilla sweeten to perfection, sprinkle over fish stock, directly over fish, or in a creamy sauce with champagne, or white wine like Chablis! In fresh seafood dish, flambé with Pernod or Ricard, heavenly made for seafood, for lobster, for white-fleshed fish dishes. Try it on white meats too.

MEDITERRANEAN: A “lemon paradise” sensation perfectly into an aromatic fine herbs blend that will enhance your recipes: fish, seafood, meat and vegetable dishes. The citrus notes will balance beautifully your favorite dishes. No need to add salt of anything else to it. A simply perfect mild herbs blend and will gather the best flavors found in the Mediterranean diet. It will smell amazing in your kitchen!

GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE: The Grandma Jano Sweet Pumpkin Spice Recipe enhances all favorite dessert recipes: carrot cake, molasses and ginger cookies, zucchini muffins, apple croustade and apple pie. Sprinkle over fruits like apple, pear, and grilled pineapple, make a nice caramel sauce and add few pinches to it, sprinkle over granola, ice cream, yogurt, in whipped cream and add a little kick to your hot chocolate and Chai tea! This is an authentic spice blend that Jano was crafting with so much love for making her baked goods the best time of the day to enjoy. Jano has introduced me the art of cooking and her passion of baking. It all started when Chef Marie was 5 years old with maple syrup scrambled eggs.

"Bon Appétit Everyday!"-Chef Marie