Hi there, 

This is Chef Marie. I am recently part of the Expert Panel of LAKIKID's Community since June 2019. I am dedicated to promote healthy habits and behaviors that can be reproduce easily in family. The main ingredients key is always love, patience, fun and to be open-minded to new sensorial experiences. Some may be a winner and a repeat at home and some may be a good experience. Simply try it out! 

My daily passion is discovering new FLAVORS to enhance healthy diets and lifestyle. Discover through my journey new quality products, all natural and top clean-labelled for the table!

I am passionate in discovering the best gluten-free and allergen-free ingredients (12 main allergens: Peanuts, nuts, eggs, wheat, gluten (triticale, rye, oat), dairy, sulfite, soy, sesame, shellfish, mustard and coconut) low carbs diet, paleo diet, keto diet, plant-based food and vegetarian diet. I strive for  developing farmer’s markets and buying local produces, meats and fish, and of course vegan alternatives!

I am going to share with you 20 healthy habits and behaviors that will promote a happy lifestyle at home with your kids. Preparing good  and healthy meals, sharing and eating together, relaxing and having fun.  Way to go.

A balanced diet is carb, fat, protein, vitamin, mineral and water. At home, healthy eating includes  reduced portions  and cutting on sugars and saturated fats.

Here I present 20 tips to promote healthy nutrition at home:

  1. Get kids involved in shopping for groceries
  2. Give kids freedom of choice with a list of recommended foods
  3. Discover flashy colored veggies and fruits 
  4. Encourage new foods, try combinations
  5. Eat 5 veggies - fruits combined in a day
  6. Make mealtimes a priority and a necessity of eating together
  7. Make small shifts to healthy food
  8. Get kids involved: touch, kiss, lick and bite veggies and fruits
  9. Eat with your hands , it’s fun
  10. Start the day with a protein breakfast 
  11. Limit sugars
  12. Choose unsaturated fats: avocado, nuts, seeds, fish, coconut and good oils 
  13. Disguise the taste of healthier fruits 
  14. Cook more cooked meals at home 
  15. Choose water over sodas
  16. Avoid dairy, gluten, corn, sugar and artificial ingredients
  17. Be physically active
  18. Limit screen time not more than 2 hours
  19. Simply become familiar with new food in a positive and flexible context
  20. Make healthy snacks involving kids

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Hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Best regards,