"I recommended this amazing dessert recipe to add a little magic to your favorite desserts. I use this blend every day in oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, or in my beverages such as vegan milk, chai tea and hot chocolate! Let me know what you think about this product. It's a best-seller. What a treat sprinkled over ice cream..."-Chef Marie

Chef Marie’s Grandma Jano Sweet Pumpkin Spice Recipe enhances all favorite dessert recipes: Carrot cake, molasses and ginger cookie, zucchini muffins and apple pie. Sprinkle over apple, pear and pineapple, make a nice caramel sauce, sprinkle over granola, ice cream, yogurt, whipped cream and add a little kick to your hot chocolate and Chai tea! This is an authentic spice blend that Grandma Jano was baking with. Grandma Jano has introduced to Marie the art of cooking and the passion of baking while always listening to classical music during these activities in the kitchen. It all started when Marie was 5 years old with her first recipe of maple syrup scrambled eggs and a few pinches of Grandma Sweet Pumpkin Spices.

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