Chef Marie Guest Invitee at the Lakikid's Podcast: The Ask and Autism Mom Live Show

🙌Join Chef Marie on 🎤🎥The Spice of Life - Chef Marie Podcast: A burst of life savors!

 I can’t wait to talk to you about our first guest ever! Stay tuned! It’s exciting! Enjoy a burst of life with flavors 🍀 

This unique podcast talks about the journey - health lifestyle - in search of the best trends to keep ourselves on the go, happily. With my guests, we will talk about appealing meals, top quality food products, and good habits and behaviors related to healthy nutrition! Also, about about balance of life, music, spirituality, the path of joy, relaxation, meditation, and love. It's going to be really exciting to meet you on a 30 minutes weekly rendez-vous. I see you there! Cheers!