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GREAT NEWS! With passion and fun, find my very first cookbook, an E-Book Kindle version, on Amazon! Discover Revisited 100 French Recipes: Tasty, with New Flavors, All easy to make, All low-carbs, Creative, that will make your cooking a culinary experience for your ALL senses! The paperback version will be ready very shortly!

My dear French Friends, YES! The French Version is coming really work! Je travaille là-dessus, ce sera un outil pratique à votre cuisine! La version en français s'en vient! C'est promis et vous me connaissez, j'ai une parole. La version papier s'en vient aussi!

Chef Marie-Dominique Rail namely Chef Marie shows you how to cook nutritious, extra tasty and delicious, colorful and fresh food in a flash. Chef Marie brings back the pleasure of mixing flavors together to make a fabulous meal while maximizing time in your busy schedule. She makes it all look easy, because it is.

Spice expert specialized in allergens, author, business owner, show guest and speaker, Chef Marie is on a clean-label MISSION in bringing back the authentic tastes of true ingredients and spices to level up your cooking style.

Chef Marie Food Guideline is a low-carbs, gluten-free recipes with alternatives vegan ingredients to bring a burst of flavors to families and people at home in need for new tastes: the fresh, simple recipes are incredibly quick and accessible, and also utterly mouth-watering—perfect for everyday cooking: Salads, Roasted Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Sautéed Shrimps, Classical Turkey Pot Pie for Thanksgiving, Classical Boeuf Bourguignon, Soups, ALL FRENCH CUISINE - plus 100 other recipes that turn everyday fresh ingredients into brilliant flavored blends. It makes all recipes special dinners to savor the moment of a culinary experience.

With 23 years of professional cooking, Chef Marie is a passionate artist on a mission of a daily burst of flavors! She has a world experience to provide you the best 5 star French Gastronomic Dining Experience in the comfort of your home. While proficient in a variety cuisines and modern cooking techniques, Chef Marie takes in consideration lifestyle, eating habits, dietary diets, food allergies and food sensitivities.

This is Chef Marie's first book.

She is developing a trilogy cookbook to unify all the pleasures at the table: gastronomy, pastry and...mixology! Stay tuned! For more info about Chef Marie's Journey /