The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast
Season 3

Featuring Chef Marie-Dominique Rail

Chef Marie-Dominique Rail: Entrepreneur & Las Vegas Chef

Marie-Dominique Rail, otherwise known as Chef Marie, is the founder and CEO of MCHEF.

Growing up in Montreal, Chef Marie has been interested in cooking from a young age and began working in restaurants at age 16. Through her dedication and hard work, she has been working as an accomplished private chef for more than 20 years in Montreal, Geneva, Milan, and now, Las Vegas.

When Chef Marie isn't cooking, she focuses on her entrepreneurial side. Leveraging her love and expertise of food, she has created her own line of speciality organic herbs and spices, as well as a lifestyle food guide. Her thriving business also offers cooking classes and cake and pastry delivery.

Furthering her achievements, Chef Marie hosts a lively podcast known as MCHEF Burst of Flavors.

In this episode we dive into:

  • The importance of doing your homework before launching a business
  • The role of creativity and thinking outside the box
  • Why you should have a mentor to help guide your journey
  • Why patience is a must for entrepreneurs
  • How Amazon can boost your business
  • Why you should consider participating in trade shows
  • Tips on using Facebook and other social media to market your business
  • The best way to look at barriers and challenges
  • The work/life balance and why you should take some time for yourself each day