Childhood's Favorite Times

...Baking with Grandma Jano

Print the recipe here: Best Grandma Jano's Cookies.pdf

Have a relaxing day my friends;) I am sharing with you a recipe that my dear Grandma Jano was baking with passion and care...I so appreciated every bite of these cookies! Yummy time! Enjoy this made easy recipe...It will smell amazing in your home! 

GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE: The Grandma Jano Sweet Pumpkin Spice Recipe enhances all favorite dessert recipes: carrot cake, molasses and ginger cookies, zucchini muffins, apple croustade and apple pie. Sprinkle over fruits like apple, pear, and grilled pineapple, make a nice caramel sauce and add few pinches to it, sprinkle over granola, ice cream, yogurt, in whipped cream and add a little kick to your hot chocolate and Chai tea! This is an authentic spice blend that Jano was crafting with so much love for making her baked goods the best time of the day to enjoy. Jano has introduced me the art of cooking and her passion of baking. It all started when Chef Marie was 5 years old with maple syrup scrambled eggs.

"Bon Appétit Everyday!"-Chef Marie