Families, you can now savor your favorite recipes with our «clean-label» herbs and spice blends! Spice your dishes safely with MCHEF®! So many flavors in the mouth! Have fun cooking with us!

Our main goal is to give caring the best herbs and spice collection for those who have special food restrictions. Our flavored spices will enhance all recipes, it’s a new way to incorporate tastes, all «clean-label», safe, healthy and affordable, to your cooking – baking and even in mixology. 

We are offering our blends to the medical and health care centers in the Laurentians, Québec! Let’s share this great innovation so we can make a difference in all medical and health care centers. We are your number 1 partner to add “clean- ingredients in your kitchens! Let’s bring flavors in all patient dishes which in turn, will comfort them in their healing.