The best kept secret in town

With technology, we are creating new bridges to link MCHEF supplies to our clients. We have implemented an e-commerce catalog to facilitate purchases for distributors, for professionals in the food service and for wholesalers. Find out our new partnership with we go trade! We can better serve effectively our domestic and international clients. 

On behalf of the MCHEF® team and myself, I thank you, dear customers, for the support and encouragement in developing local partnerships. I am touched by the large number of quality establishments, restaurants, bars, caterers, concessions, major hotels, golf clubs, hospitals and nurseries who also believe in our clean-label mission and are loyal to our MCHEF® products every week.

We are a small company and expanding rapidly due to the growing demand in the kitchen of natural ingredients, without additives and healthy foods. MCHEF® continues to grow with two collections having a complete listing of 100 SKU per collection: 1 complete listing without allergens and 1 listing without biological allergens USDA. MCHEF® pursues its mission spanning over twelve years, by offering in the food business sector fine herbs, spices and delicious mixtures, quite special and different from the ordinary. The idea is to have fun in the kitchen while bringing creativity to your plates and ensuring a quality of healthy ingredients. Our expertise in the No 12 allergens (without fillers) led us to a clientele that uses the best products for their health.

Our best wishes accompany you for 2019. You can purchase our complete MCHEF® product collection on the web platform WEGOTRADE, a young and innovative E-commerce company from Montreal.

Please do not hesitate to ask for MCHEF® products from your distributor located in Canada, in the USA, in Europe, in India, in Asia and in Australia. We assure you that you can always purchase our products by way of your distributor and also on the WEGOTRADE web e-commerce platform made for professionals.

We do sell to many restaurants, caterers, bakeries, medical health care centers, hotels, casinos etc. We offer a wholesale discount. Please email and tell us that you would like to set us a wholesale account and we will send you our form. You can also call us for specifics at 1-800-514-4950 or 1-514-234-4360 to speak to chef M-D Rail and her team.


Marie-Dominique Rail