Our New Podcast MCHEF® BURST OF FLAVORS! Be Our guest!

Stay tuned for the launch of Chef Marie and Lee Cummings Podcast: MCHEF® BURST OF FLAVORS 👩‍🍳On a mission to find top chef quality allergy-friendly ingredients to flavour up your everyday meals around the planet👍

Lee Cummings, talented movie director-producer and actor joins Chef Marie for a fine cooking adventure. Their drive is to find the best quality ingredients on the market to elevate taste buds. This show is about the search of a balanced healthy lifestyle. The main 3 key ingredients are NUTRITION, FITNESS AND INNER WORK


Chef Marie and Lee Cummings are looking for fascinating guests on the same journey: The clean-label mission⭐️ 

The rule is: No more plain food 

MCHEF® BURST OF FLAVORS Podcast: We can’t wait to talk to you about our first guest ever! Stay tuned! It’s exciting! Enjoy a burst of life with flavors 🍀