Chef Marie's no. 1 rule: "NO MORE PLAIN FOOD!"

Hello, if you are on this page, it's maybe because 

A-You are a Foodie 

B-You love eating healthy because it makes you glow 

C-You are looking to feel better and bring new flavors in your kitchen

Well, we have a lot in common. I am here to share tips, recipes and new flavors to your daily food experience!

Sprinkle all your favorite recipes from cooking, baking to mixology, with my new line of USDA organic herbs and spice blends:

No added unnecessary ingredients to herbs and spices!

USDA Organic Certified

Earth-Kosher Certified

Food Service grade HACCP Certified

12 Main Allergens-free: Gluten / Wheat / Nuts / Peanuts / Eggs / Sesame / Mustard / Dairy / Shellfish / Sulfite / Coconut / Soy

...Yes you can find all types of different fillers these days in herbs and spices

Does not contain: Corn / Cellulose (wood fiber) / Canola / Sulfate


"Cook like a Chef with a Burst of Flavor"-Chef Marie

Chef's organic herbs and spices blends are perfect to enhance for all recipes (meat, fish & seafood, vegetables & fruits/desserts). So savory! And our new exciting collection: Funky flavored blends for cocktail rimmers and mixology. Enjoy!

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