What to do in Las Vegas? Abigail Gray Palmeri, the owner at Zen Coffee Bar and Chef Marie from MCHEF® are collaborating on a new venture showcasing Masterclasses by Chef Marie. Kids and Adults are welcome! Chef Marie offers 3 types of masterclasses: Kids only (parents are invited to watch!), Adults and Date Night (couples). 

Discover our next masterclass events. Zen Coffee Bar in located in Henderson Las Vegas - 10960 S Eastern Ave Suite 103, Henderson, NV 89052 - www.zencoffeebar.com

It's a cooking class rendez-vous with Chef Marie: Learn how to make great recipes, taste a burst of flavors and feel confident in repeating what you have learned in the comfort of your kitchen. Chef Marie is a fine connoisseur in French Cuisine. You are going to love it!

"Now, cook like a Chef!"

Chef Marie is specialized in Allergen-free and Low Sodium French Cuisine. 

Chef Marie shares Healthy Clean Eating Nutrition tips with PASSION! 

Chef Marie is primarily cooking with herbs and spices, for their magnificent flavors, colors and health benefits. Chef Marie's no.1 RULE: No More Plain Food Ever!

Renowned in Canada, England, France, Italy and newly established in Las Vegas, Chef Marie is an R&D expert in allergens, author of the Chef Marie’s Lifestyle Food Guide Cookbook and hosting MCHEF Burst of Flavors podcast. Since 1999, Chef Marie is constantly improving top chef ingredients, influencing trends and perfecting new cooking skills. Chef Marie shares her story, researches, cooking tips and techniques, to impact the next generations of professionals, home cooks, health nuts and foodies.

Discover new ways in cooking, baking and newly mixology trends with Chef Marie.


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