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Healthy Chef Cooking Tips For Your Family During This COVID-19 Period

During this period, Chef Marie is sharing information, tasks and chef's recommendations that can be done in your kitchen to manage your food preparation. Chef Marie invites you to read this interesting article to take some ideas for your next week menus. Chef also shares tips to attract your kids in the kitchen! Check it out!

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Chef Marie's Cookbook

MCHEF: Chef Marie's Cookbook, get your Kindle e-book or hard copy on Amazon! Discover Revisited 100 French Recipes: Tasty, New Flavors, All easy to make, All low-carbs & Creative

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A Culinary Adventure:  MCHEF® BURST OF FLAVORS

MCHEF BURST OF FLAVORS - Chef Marie and Lee Cummings are making their own podcast! The main 3 key ingredients of our show recipe are NUTRITION, FITNESS AND INNER WORK

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