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MCHEF LLC. ranked Top 10 Personal Chefs in Las Vegas

Good news to share with you today! I am honored and grateful to announce that Expertise.com is featuring the MCHEF private chef services in Las Vegas in their top 10 personal chefs with A+ reviews from its clients. It means a lot because my commitment to cooking is based on healthy holistic cuisine. My mission is to provide my clients with healthy and nutritious food adapted to their needs. Bon appétit everyday and please take good care of yourself with the upcoming Holidays! Thank you for your following. I am sending thoughts of joy 🤩 Namasté

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The Story Behind MCHEF®

I wish to share with you the reason I have developed a New Spice Solution. Let's get back to Authenticity & Traceability. When I was a sous-chef, back in 2003, at Le Caveau and Nizza restaurants in Montreal, our clients requested to take into consideration their health issues such as cholesterol, diabetes, and gluten intolerances...

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New Reiki Chef Marie Weekly Prepared Meals

New Reiki Chef Marie Weekly Prepared Meals Available! Enjoy nutritious delicious meals - with a holistic approach - a private chef service to support your health and well-being.

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