Chef Marie - MCHEF® Private Chef Services in Las Vegas

Join Chef Marie for a one-of-a-kind, first hand culinary experience! Chef Marie lives of her second passion, she is also a Piano Solo Concert. Live Gastronomical and Piano Event. It's quite an experience!

With 23 years of professional cooking, Chef Marie is a passionate artist, she has a world experience to provide you the best 5 star French Gastronomic Dining Experience in the comfort of your home. While proficient in a variety cuisines and modern cooking techniques, Chef Marie takes in consideration lifestyle, eating habits, dietary diets, food allergies and food intolerances. Contact Chef Marie for a private chef quote. 


  • Chef All Day
  • Weekly Meals
  • Lunch and Brunches
  • Tapas - Appetizers Cocktail Party
  • 4-6 Course Meals, a unique gastronomic and musical experience!
  • How to cook? Learn with Chef Marie