Chef Marie's Podcast MCHEF BURST OF FLAVORS - My First Guest on Air is the Amazing Julie Christopher from BIZTUITION

Stay tuned for the launch of my Podcast MCHEF BURST OF FLAVORS👩‍🍳next June 24th at 12pm EST

 2019-05-29.jpgOn a mission to find top chef quality allergy-friendly ingredients to flavour up your everyday meals around the planet👍

I have the tremendous pleasure to welcome to the first show the amazing and talentuous Julie Christopher from BIZTUITION. She is an admirable entrepreneur, musician, mother, wife and a friend. 

It's an interview of 30 minutes where we will have an exchange on developing intuition to face challenges in life, the secret skill of leadership and business success to develop and explore daily. Julie Christopher has a story to tell, a message to share with us. I have learned a lot from Julie and I wish to share with you her teachings about "life". It's a rendez-vous. Julie Christopher has a lot to share with us.

Please find Julie's latest blog

 "Julie Christopher ( JUJU ) is an International speaker and best-selling author who is the world-renowned expert on business intuition, aka Biztuition. Via her proprietary process, Julie has empowered C-level executives and entrepreneurs globally to become better leaders and scale their business faster by harnessing and cultivating their skill of Biztuition. 

Julie has since been widely recognized for her unique contributions to the business world. She has been interviewed on shows like Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, and more. Julie has also been featured as one of the world’s preeminent experts on sites like Forbes and Authority Magazine. Julie is also a regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and other media outlets, and has even graced the set of the popular television show, Shark Tank!

Julie found her path as an entrepreneur first as a professional musician and recording artist in France. It was her heightened sense of intuition that led her to America with only $50 in her pocket, a guitar on her back, and no English. Despite her humble beginnings, Julie had a vision and believed that she could make a difference. Her early struggle only fueled her desire to realize her dream of helping people realize their full potential."