The MCHEF® Food Service Listing ALL FILLER-FREE

For chefs, restaurant owners, distributors buyers and food facilities – R&D developers: We carry wholesale sizes for all blends & basic herbs, spices ALL FILLER-FREE - 12 ALLERGEN FREE. Save on ingredients and maximize on food preparation. We have the best quality clean label herbs and spice blends you are looking for to enhance your recipes!

  • Basic herbs and spices (Paprika 160, Kerala Black Pepper, etc.)
  • Exquisite Ethnic Flavored Blends
  • Edible Dehydrated Flowers from around the world
  • Spice Cocktail Blends for all type of beverages À la Carte Menu! You can frost them around the rim, torch them to caramelize the rim, shake them to give an extra kick in texture and tastes, sprinkle them over, add them in your culinary recipes! We’ve got what it takes to perfect your cocktail menu, it’s absolutely unique! 
  • Over 200 SKU’s of quality ingredients!
  • We are offering a turnkey service for private labels*