Chef Marie - Feed the JOY - An interview by Lee Cummings
MCHEF® Burst of Flavors Podcast Episode 3

Feeding Joy with Chef Marie interview by Lee Cummings

Bringing flavors to food and having it make the people around you happy is a great feeling. Chef Marie believes strongly and passionately in the natural burst of flavors that bring joy to our lives! In this episode, Lee Cummings sat down with Chef Marie of MChef for an open-heart conversation on cooking and music. They digest topics about self-development and living to the fullest by breaking chains, patterns, and beliefs. Chef Marie also shares the challenges of being a female chef and how it shows the importance of balance not only in the kitchen but in life. Rising from the ashes, Chef Marie also talks about overcoming trauma, finding joy, and living your passion. She imparts many more great wisdom in this inspiring show.


Feeding Joy with Chef Marie

An Exclusive Interview With Chef Marie: The Rising Sun Through Her Passions For Cooking And Music

I get a chance to interview the wonderful Chef Marie. I love Chef Marie because she is a burst of flavors herself. She's hailing from Las Vegas now. She's from Montreal. Chef Marie, how are you?

I'm doing fantastic. What about you? Are you good? Life is good, isn't it?

Life is very wonderful. It's my first time doing the show. I'll give you a bit of background on Chef Marie. She is the coolest, most awesome chef/business savvy/musician. She's a pianist for people who don't know. I like saying it that way because it sounds like I'm saying something else. We're not nasty here. She plays mostly classical. You do sing too well. Don't you, Chef Marie?

Yes, I do. I'm a lead singer for a blues band in Vegas.

You've released four or five albums. You've released a trilogy so far and more to come?

I'm about six albums right now. It's not over yet. I'll have to let it out.

The show mainly goes in this order. It’s an interview with Chef Marie, then it goes to a recipe and then we have a funny story from you. Then we have an awesome quote from myself or from you. My quote is from Dr. Wayne Dyer. We both know and love him. I know him personally. I know his past and whatnot. His energy is absolutely amazing. For our audience that are the go-hards that want to be the try-hards out there like myself included and Chef Marie, we have a code that we’ll be giving to you that will give you 15% off of all of the wonderful spices. I've been making salmon like crazy and stuff like that and I've been using the spices. One of my favorite spices right now is The Islands. I'm on top of that. I'm on fire with my crazy walnuts and my almonds as well as my salmon. For you try-hards that stay to the very end, I will give you an awesome quote but also to 15% off of our spices.

Thank you, Lee. I'm glad that you like it.

The great thing about the spice and before we get into the interview with you is that the spices are 100% organic. It’s also gluten-free as well as allergen-free. I'm not sure if it's true or not. You can tell me if they are, but they are zero sodium now coming through or is it low sodium?

We're at 10% sodium. We are going to launch the primer. We're going to launch the organic USDA twelve allergy-friendly spice collection after several years.

Several years ago, I didn’t know you existed. I was married a few years ago. At my ex-mother and father-in-law's house, there you pop in. I don't know who you are. I don't know you're from Adam like they always say. Here you are and we have this kismet. I meet you all at one time and we've kept in touch for several years. You were quite busy with those spices. Tell me a little bit about that.

Several years ago, I was at the seat of MCHEF. I was doing a super cool gastronomic and musical experience as a catering service for people at home and for also corporate events in Montreal right after the economic crisis back in 2008. It was the beginning of all this big crazy project of MCHEF. The goal was to develop a Burst of Flavors with better quality seasonings. Everybody at home could simply as one, two, three steps into their recipes sprinkle herbs and spices over anything like potatoes, veggies, salmon, any type of fish, seafood, meat, tofu, tempeh, soup, salads, so no more plain food. That was the rule that I've been developing in all those years.

When people can bring flavors to foods and when you feel like you can cook for someone and do something that's special, you want to eat your own food, but people want to eat that food. There's a happiness that's brought to your partner or your family that feels like, "I can do something and make a good meal in the kitchen. Everyone will be satisfied.” With that, there's a joy and not a negative feeling over the kitchen. A lot of times when people say they can't cook, that means nutrition is super bad or they must rather choose something different. The difference is maybe a worse choice. Chef Marie, you've made people's choices now. There are better choices now. I appreciate that, especially for myself. I've lost a great deal of weight by using your spices.

Thank you for reflecting your thoughts on this because in reality, we all eat differently. It's not easy to be able to adapt ourselves to different type of restrictions, our diets. We want to sit at a table with a lot of people. We want to enjoy a good time. That's where we get the best conversation. They can go up to 2:00 in the morning and we're still eating and enjoying our evenings. What about people who are gluten-free? What about people who are doing keto, for example, or vegan? If we add a little bit of spark of herbs and spices into what we eat without having any allergens situation inside the food, everybody can enjoy the same meal. This is what I wanted to bring at the table.

You bring along the conversation, natural flavors and with those flavors, let's go back a little bit. That's your personality. That personality came from somewhere. For the readers who don't know you, if I were going to name a spice or some vegetable, I’d call you a jalapeno because your personality is spicy. When people meet you and I know when they get a chance to meet you, they're going to love you. Tell our audience who are you, Chef Marie? What makes you who you are? Where did you start from? I know you started from humble beginnings. We all have a story. Not that we all have to have trauma, but trauma wears many different suits in our lives. What brought you to want to put a smile on someone else's face? Typically, when people were in pain, they want other people to hurt. That's not you, that's your story. Give me a little bit about your story, who you are.

I've started very young in cooking. I started at four years old with that very amazing recipe of maple syrup and eggs. That was the first one, the main one. The second recipe was Nutella. Back in the days, Nutella was good and mixed with eggs in a pan. It all started at four years old. I was creative back then, in touch with my inner voice, super intuitive into my creativity and I needed to exist. This way of existing from you was to create recipes, drawing, playing music, being able to express me in my imaginary world. I had a very creative mind back then. It's the seed of my joy. With the years, challenges, the life, family, all kinds of things that happened, I've lost a bit of that joy. To me to be able to gloom and chef the way I envisioned it, I had to get back into my inner senses. This is why I made a move to leave from Montreal to fabulous Las Vegas to be able to rise up in the vision that I had for my baby, MCHEF.

You mentioned there are some trials and tribulations in your life. Was there a definitive person in your life that was the one that helped you? We all have those points in our life where you know that we're going to make it, but there's someone that helps us along that way. I would call it a mentor as they're mentoring us without maybe doing that. Was it someone in your life that when you felt like you were stuck that got you over that emotional hump? How did you overcome that moment when you didn't know where you quite were going to go? I remember when I met you, you didn't know that you were going to develop these spices. I remember you cooked some almond strawberries or something that and they were super good or whatever. You've made some chocolates for me or something like that.

That was a chocolate that we have been creating, a medallion with little roasted pearly nuts, comfy strawberry, lemon, orange, little cranberries and little candies that we were making homemade sugar candy. That was the top. That was cool.

Who was that mentor that got you either in the seat or back? Was there any person like that for you in your life?

I've been very well-guided professionally. Did you know my mentor is Chef Jean-Paul Grappe? It all started back in 1999 after cooking in small restaurants, I wanted to dig deeper into my professional cooking skills. I went to Institut d'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme du Quebec. It's a culinary school in Montreal. Chef Jean-Paul Grappe guided me, took me under his wings and said, "We're going to make it happen. We're going to make you work hard." It was not easy, but it made me build my personality. Having this drive of, "Go get it." Wake up in the morning and have this fuel to be able to make this creative mind be existing in this world would matter.

You're very driven, I'd say one of the nicest people I've met on the planet. That aside from my good friend, Od Phillips, he's one of the nicest people ever.

You inspire me very much, Lee.

Thank you so much. I do appreciate that. The saying, "Ditto," in American, which is not nice, but that's all the words I can find right now. With your niceness, who you are and your drive, was it hard being a woman coming up? I've heard before that being a female chef is a little more difficult than being a male chef. Is that true?

It's maybe longer. In our professional path, it took me ten years to become an executive chef. For men, it may take five or six years. It's harder. We build bones from this experience. The alpha men will try to stand up and rise in the kitchen as the rooster. I like this challenge. I grew up with brothers also. To me, I felt comfortable working in men's environment. I found more women in the pastry division back in the days many years ago. These days, I am very happy and tremendously pleased to see that more women are present on the kitchen side. This is cool because it creates a balance in the kitchen when there's a woman. I enjoyed it.

BOF 5 | Finding Joy In CookingFinding Joy In Cooking: It creates balance in the kitchen when there's a woman.

Creating balance and women are the epicenters of life itself. Us men have something a little bit to do with that. You talked about balance and being in the kitchen and stuff like that. There's this female energy inside that is much needed. It's missed opportunities for men that are in kitchens, that own kitchens or whatever, that don't have that female balance side. That could be your energy that side. If you're too much out from male, there's not a tiny bit of female. There's always an opportunity to be missed. A lot of times, men can be a little bit of feminine or try a bit of metrosexual whatever, that aren't in touch with their female sides. There's a misbalance between all humans in existence. Women have always been more balanced than men earlier on. Some of those men get it later. I'm not saying that I've ever gotten that, but there's a misbalance. With that imbalance, there's a missed opportunity for learning more about yourself.

It's such a great experience to be in contact with its feminine side than the masculine side. It makes our days much richer.

Let me ask you a question. I might know the answer to this, but I want the audience to know. What are you most passionate about in this lifetime?

Being in contact with my joy, I'm reaching this right now and I enjoy this. It's new to me. Since I am in Las Vegas that I am in contact with this joy. To me, joy is the present moment. It's right here, right now, what we are sharing together with our audience. This gives me goosebumps. I tried not to think about the past. I tried not to think about the future even though I love to envision and dream about what we can do and what we can create. Getting back into right here, right now and focalizing on positive thoughts. When my negative thoughts are coming in the head, I try to observe that, let it happen and say, "Thank you." I put that outside the window. I try to stay positive and keep focusing on my joy. This is the do-all every day and every minute.

Some of the audience that don't know about where that's coming from, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Being in the present moment is what she's talking about. You were very explicit and explained well about how to stay in there. It's a constant battle. Chef Marie talks about looking at herself as a third-person view, which means that it's almost like you're looking at another camera view of yourself. As these thoughts approach her, she's playing karate, Kung Fu with these bad thoughts. We constantly battle. If you can become an observer of your thoughts, you don't internalize them, which you can stay a lot more positive and focus on the present moment. What a battle that is for these days.

I'm hoping to bring on another guest at some point that talks a little bit about where tension is, is where tension goes. I know you very well. I'm getting to know you a lot more. We both had been attentive on this show. A lot of things have happened and spawned out of nothingness because of the positive, because of your attention. Now my attention to these things about becoming the better version of ourselves. Daily, I believe that you are becoming joy. It's not you are it. You're becoming your absolute passion and absolute best self, which is that creativity of you. I don't know how to say that better and encapsulate that for people out there, but when they get a chance to see you potentially. I'm speaking the power of what is going to be you at seminar teaching partners, families how to cook with each other and having more time with themselves as opposed to themselves around this phone. This phone is going to kill everything that is good within this world. I believe that technology is not always the best thing for us.

It's quite challenging to be in Detroit. I would like to say that when I get into my negative thoughts and they come back, I try to avoid them. I try to tell them, "No, you have to go. I accept that you are here, but now you have to go." If they always come back, the tip that I found is to write down these thoughts directly to an event or directly over a person that I'm sad about or things happen. I write them straight and never looked back. I've burned them or throw them in the garbage or flushed them. I observe that they are not coming back. If you do your work, they don't come back. It allows you to stick into that positive mindset.

That positive mindset, which is based upon that life balance is a tough thing for myself or for anybody that's reading. We're constantly battling with our own traumas or demons. We wear them differently. My traumas might not be the same as someone else's, but we don't deem them better or worse. They're traumas and what's bad for me might not be that bad for you. You mentioned a lot of things. Food with balance. What about the moving aspect? I know that you are a super-fit person. You got engaged as well. How was that?

I could not have thought about this great scenario but things happen. I've met the man of my life. This happened in Montreal too. I had a plan in moving to the States. I thought I was going to go to Miami. My man lived in Vegas and we were doing market research back a few years ago to see if there could be a great market to launch MCHEF over there. Finally, I spoke to my board and told them, "We're going to try Las Vegas." It happened this way. It's great. The moving part, my man brought me into this to be more in contact with my body, which is something that I left a bit aside, being always in my head and working in the kitchen and working and creating music.

Getting back into this brought me something new. I even observed that, "I have a muscle here I didn't even know." It was a drastic change. To me, fitness is part of my lifestyle and it's every day or else, my mind is too narrow. I need to oxygen that body. I've also observed that the inner work, the work that I'm doing for myself will do and impact around my people, around my community because if I feel good, I will certainly make people feel good. If I smile to a child or a mother or a person on the street, I will get that smile back because it's contagious. To feed that positive vibe changed my life. I'm happy this way.

It shows every single day. I've got a question for you. How does someone who does not have that same attitude, what are some words of wisdom that you can give to them? Someone who's not moving as much, someone who's not as nutrition, what would you say to somebody that needed a little bit of help to get them off to the couch or to get them moving a little bit?

First of all, we have to see what we like. We have to focus on what we like to eat and our interests. This is the first thing first. We grow from this, but we have to give ourselves a little bit of kick in the butt. This is the hardest thing you could do. Once you get going, you're gone with the wind. If you're high as a kite, everything is fine, but maybe it would be some support. If you like to go to a certain place to eat, go to the grocery, but it's difficult to do it by yourself, get support. There is always that one person and that is alone or that would share the same common interests. You can do something with it. Support is the key. Why would you be alone always? There are plenty of amazing people to meet. We can learn so much from people if we only could listen a little bit more.

We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Someone else would say hearing people, and there's a difference between hearing someone and listening to them. People want to talk more than they want to listen, that's for sure. The one thing I heard from you that I like is that when you start with the nutritional plan, back in the day, there was always one way. What's so wonderful about now, as you mentioned, is there are so many different ways and opinions that can get you to the road you want to get to. There are a lot of roads before there was one bridge that everyone said, "You have to do this, this and this to get there." It's not always true and that's the wonderful part about it. There are many different foods that people can eat now to assist in their learning, what they like, what their body type is and how they feel. If they feel supported, they can get there. It's a wonderful road, but it's not exactly easy. It's a little bit of work. If they love themselves more than they love something else, that's the key.

I like what you say. We have to dare more. At least we could dare a little every day. You feel that you try every day, a new podcast, a new video on YouTube, a new interest, a new vegetable and a new spice. If you dare a little bit more, we evolve a little faster and it opens up our mind to be more tolerant, lovable and loving people.

We didn't talk about your music and love for music. When did that start?

It started back in 1998. This is the dark shade of me. This is how I've been able to express my emotion and sadness. It was through music. I treated it like therapy. I can even say that music is one of my children. I have my MCHEF as a child. That's the happy one and the music. It's extraordinary because I'm playing music here in Vegas and it's solely in another vibration. We talk about these roots, I love them so much and they put me back in connection with my soul music. The music that I've been doing for many years. I changed it a little. Now it's evolving to a positive music. I am so excited because I will be making this seventh album. It will be totally in a different type of vibration. It's going to be cool, epic, super hype and I can't wait to realize that.

It's not going to be on the classical side, will it be bluesy?

I have been touched with the blues here. I've got this great partner in the music. His name is Jimmy Gallo. He's a composer. He brings me a new style, new things to learn. I enjoy playing music with him so much. That's what we are doing right now. We're playing with different bands and enjoying the journey. Vegas was one of my dreams. It's fun.

It's an amazing place. I'm hoping to move there so we can be reunited because it feels so good. If you haven't heard her before playing the piano, where can they pick up any of your stuff? Is it on iTunes and whatnot? Where is it?

It's on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, a bit everywhere. Apple, it has all six albums and the name is Marido. Back in the days, I didn't know that Marido meant in Spanish husband. If you go on YouTube or if you go on Google, you will find a lot of men, but there is a little woman somewhere. You're going to see that Marido somewhere.

When can we expect to see a blues album from you?

It's going to be within 2020, that's for sure. I need to let it out. I'm in love. I've been engaged. We have got to put it on the CD.

BOF 5 | Finding Joy In CookingThe Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentI know people think that they're sad. No, blues can be very happy from Billie Holiday.

This is sexy music. It's the soul, the roots that I'm getting.

Without blues, you don't have rock and roll, let's call it what it is. Blues is rock and roll. I know the core progressions of Chad a bit different, but it's so meant. I love music too. Maybe I can play a little guitar on your blues album?

You are invited.

I can't wait to hear from you, which is most important. That is something to be noticed. I like music. Chef Marie loves me to sing in the car sometimes, but we have a song that's probably going to come out one day called Down by The River. It's special. I come from the history of singers from the church and stuff like that. My mom came across. She's a wonderful woman. I love her. She listens to everything I ever do. My brother is an opera singer. I can't sing a lick, but it's wonderful to hear them sing. Which album do you sing on?

I sing on all of them except the second.

You're a talented person. You're staying in balance. You have your passion, which would be your second love from cooking, which would be music. You love to work out like crazy. You're a powerful woman, a woman on fire. You've risen from the ashes and now you're this wonderful blossoming butterfly/phoenix. What's next for you? What's next that you can mention? I know you can't mention everything, but what is something that you can give to somebody that wants to find out more about you?

We have our show. We are working on a TV show. This is exclusive. It's going to be super amazing. We're going to entertain you. There's going to be also an educative panel into this. It's going to be super cool. I can't wait to talk to you more about this. We have to keep it secret for now, but it's going to come out eventually. We have a trilogy book coming out very soon. We're establishing our things right now to make sure that we are in control of everything. We've got our Amazon going on the US part, Canada and Europe. You can find us at You are invited to visit as well if you want to learn more about what I've been doing in the past years. The show must go on, there are so many things going on, but there are things that I cannot mention yet.

A lot of great things are happening. I'd want to tell the audience that if you have important things for yourself that you want to say, don't tell everyone because sometimes people don't want to see your best foot forward. I know a lot of times you want to share on Facebook and Instagram about, “Look at me, look what's happening,” but in the world that's around you, keep that to yourself until those things materialize. Trust me, the inner works of the universe/God, whatever you believe in, those things are working positively for you. Not everybody is your friend. I know that you think that they are and people want to see you do well, but not everyone wants to see you do well. We do. We have very positive energy. No one wants to see you do better more for yourself than the universe. The universe conspires for you and not against you. Chef Marie, do you have a recipe that you can share with some of our audience before we go into that anecdotal story, that funny story from you?

We're in the barbecue time right now. This is amazing. I'm calling that Smoky San Antonio. This is the rub. Basically, it's super simple. You take your fish, tofu or your chicken. You're going to mix one teaspoon and a little bit of the olive oil. Marinate this for a minimum of 45 minutes. If you want to be top, you go for two hours and simply cooking it on the barbecue. It's going to be awesome. It's a one-two-three step recipe, super easy, but it's going to spice up your table. Everybody is going to love it. I'm telling you, the kids are going to ask for more. Even though one of my customers, a father of four told me that he was putting that on his pork chop because the kids like it a little sweet, he adds a little bit of maple syrup and there you go. It's simple, easy, super healthy and you have no worries to have with the allergens. That's the beauty of it, barbecue time.

Barbecue time did right. I'm going to add a little something to that too as well. If you haven't invested inside of a Chefman or air fryers, you need to invest in one of those because I've made some tacos with the San Antonio spice she's talking about. I literally did exactly what she said. I put the chicken breast/thighs inside of that. In fifteen minutes, I have the best food I've ever had in my entire life. I double-dog dare you to try these spices because I'm telling you as a person who loves food, who's a foodie, you are going to enjoy these spices absolutely. It makes you happy. You're going to smile. You're going to go, "Did I cook this?"

You're going to look at everybody else that's looking at you like, "Dad is great. Dad did something that was amazing or mom is wonderful or brother, I can't believe you did that." They're going to go, "How in the world did you cook this?" You're going to go, "Chef Marie." That's all I would say is Chef Marie made these spices and now I can share them with you. Chef Marie, I applaud you and thank you for these wonderful spices. I know people think I'm crazy. I've got so much energy. I'm ADHD or whatever. I'm all of those things. I'm telling you people, please go there to, buy some spices. Buy one if you don't believe me. When you try San Antonio, buy The Island because there’s sweetness and saltiness that is so off the chain.

It's wonderful. I don't know what the secret was. I'm telling you, I taste a little bit of sugar in there because it's caramelized after I cook it. I'm looking at my fish going, "You're done. I'm eating this." That is my plug for it. I know it's an insane plug and a crazy plug for your spices, but I want you to know that with all these fillers that are out there, these spices, you're wasting your time and you're damaging your body. I'm not going to say any names because I don't have to. Try MCHEF San Antonio Spice and then go to The Island and you'll thank me later. Try something different, something new. What's something new and something different? My story wasn't as funny as yours is going to be, but what is your funny story that you can tell that someone that might not know you that might not know anything about you? Is it an inside scoop on Chef Marie or some funny story?

It was back in 2004. I was working at a French restaurant in Montreal. It was during the Jazz Festival. I was a chef at lunchtime, but I was also sous-chef at night time. I was doing double shifts. We're doing crazy hours, but we love it. The executive chef asked me to get that big fish that was in the truck. I didn't know what it was. I said, "Big fish me alone, okay, fine." When I got to the truck, it was a red tuna but a huge red tune like $2,000. It's a super heavy one. I said, "Chef, are you sure that you want me to take it by myself? It's bigger than me." He's like, "You have to try it because there is nobody else to help you now." I had to bring it down the basement of the restaurant so imagine 30 stairs.

I took the fish. I didn't have a choice. I couldn't handle it like this because it was way too heavy. It's like another me of my weight, 140 pounds. I took it like this. I did have a choice. I have the fish in my face and tried to put a towel. I'm very goofy and very clumsy. I missed the first stair and I went down, slide like a seal with the tuna on the basement. It was a terrible incident, but the fish was intact. I was not intact. We care more for what we carry than for ourselves, but it was the most impressive moments in my life. I will always remember that big fish. I love that big fish.

There are many stories about big fish, but that is one of the stories that I will never forget. The image of you probably carrying a huge tuna that size of you because you're not very tall.

You have no idea of the bruises I had all over the back. It was something. Maybe it would have gone viral. I'm very clumsy in the kitchen.

That probably used to be, but I've watched you work. If people haven't seen the YouTube of you doing Tofu, we did salmon, nuts, almonds.

It's the beginning.

You're not clumsy. You were moving along and you were doing some great stuff. It's time for our inspirational quote that I have from Dr. Wayne Dyer. We can talk about this a little bit too as well. I'd like to get your ideas. Here's a quote that I found that spoke to me was, "How people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours." What do you think about that?

That's very soul food down for meditation. I'm going to take the time to digest these words.

I wanted to say a couple about Dr. Wayne Dyer's quote. I'm not in disagreement with it, but it's so hard when you're being treated a certain way because it's not about you. It's about them and about how they're feeling about themselves. People who were in trauma, who have been traumatized will try to traumatize you up, how they've been traumatized. The cycle does break. It's not always the same. When you're feeling good about yourself, you impart that on someone else. To understand the trauma that's happening inside of you on an observer level will allow you to turn to stop that cycle. That's part of the inner work you talked about. That's part of the balance that we talked about that we have to adhere to. I dare people to address their trauma in their own lives and to realize that they might be not only internalizing that but also externally be pushing that out to others as well. When you're upset, sometimes you want to make pain for the world. It's powerful. When you're reacting to something and I know from my own life how I reacted to some of the situations, I didn't react accordingly, and that now makes me sad. I wish I could go backward and reacted differently.

It's our path. It's our experience. We cannot go back. We will never go back. We cannot regret, but we can fix this right here, right now.

That's upsetting. I do want to apologize to my ex-wife about how I reacted to certain situations. It's powerful. I own 100% of my relationship. She takes ownership of that or not. I want to say I'm deeply sorry and deeply regretful. I don't want to have regret but regretful of how I reacted to some certain things in our relationship. That was unkind and undeserving from me. I was treating my own trauma and my own internal stuff and that was me. 

BOF 5 | Finding Joy In CookingFinding Joy In Cooking: We are always evolving every second and we all make mistakes. It's okay as long as we recognize.

Not only you observed it but you acknowledged it, you accepted. Now you can work on it and you will do better. You are evolving. We are always evolving every second. Give yourself that love and respect that you recognize what has been done. We all make mistakes. We're human, imperfectly perfect the way we are. It's okay as long as we recognize. We have to give ourselves a little bit more acknowledgment.

I love that you say imperfectly perfect. That is the defining end and beginning of what we are trying to aspire to be on this show and as a human being imperfectly perfect. Chef Marie, it has been wonderful and a joy to be here with you in the now, to find out more about you. As we have more episodes to find out about this show and about other people that allow us to interview them.

We can't wait to meet our next guests. Thank you very much. I appreciate you. Keep it up. We have so much to give.

One last thing to give, thinking of giving, for those try-hards out there, I love the try-hard because I've always been a gamer internally and externally. I know it's not fun. Part of my relationship with my ex-wife, but I've given up on that. I haven't played yet. There's so much more room for everything else. I hear you, let go. For those try-hards out there, we have a code for you, 15% off of these wonderful spices. That number is 213292NC.

It's on

If you like our material, please like us. Please love us. We all need love. We want to continue this great information and giving you more love, more balance, more life and more nutrition. We're here to stay. Thank you for joining us here at MCHEF Burst of Flavors.

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