Delicious Affogato Coffee with the MCHEF® GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE Woooh!

How to perfect the best affogato experience with the Vanilla and pepper Spice Topping for desserts, coffees, chai teas and ice cream. Try the very exquisite MCHEF® GRANDMA SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE. Just sprinkle it!. Just perfect for the visit! For a break during a hard day, for relaxation in front of a beautiful landscape, for a dessert in front of the tv! Simply enjoy!

2 minutes / 1 serving

1 serving



To make the affogato, place a small scoop of Coffee Ice Cream in a small glass or bowl, and pour hot espresso or strong coffee over it. Enjoy immediately!

For fun, add Chantilly cream and 1 oz. brandy and your world will climb into heaven!

For more idea, watch the video:

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