MCHEF®: How to perfect the easiest way to confit lemon - lemons preserves for your next tagine...Miam!

One of my favorite flavor discovered in the fine Moroccan cuisine 👌😉

So easy to make! Cut le lemon on the wedges in 4, like it is showed on the picture, and fill up and coat with 1 kg of Kosher salt mixed with 100g white sugar and 2 tbsp of the MCHEF® MEDITERRANEAN. Place the lemons (8-12) to fill up tightly an hermetic container and make sure to add salt to the top! Wait 3 weeks to a month. You can keep in your pantry for 2 weeks and after you can place the container in the refrigerator.

When it’s time to use a piece of lemon 🍋, simply cut the part that you will use and rinse it. Then finely chop and add in your recipe! A-ma-zing flavor, a real burst of flavor👩‍🍳🤩

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