Taste my grandma's Jano Apple Pie Recipe Totally Gluten-free. She adds some maple syrup and walnuts to it. And she was serving a warm piece with a spoon of whipped cream (always unsweetened) and a huge cup of vanilla ice cream :)

Ingredients for the pie crust

1 cup of gluten-free flour (fine) for pastry

1 tbsp. of cane sugar or swerve (sugar-free)

1/4 tsp. of salt

12 tbsp. of butter (cold, cubed)

1 large egg (lightly beaten)

1 tbsp. of cold water (with ice, plus more if needed)

For the Apple Pie Filling

1/2 cup of maple syrup or sverwe (sugar-free)

2 tbsp. of tapioca flour


6 cups of Granny Smith apples (peeled and sliced in little cubes of 1/4 of an inch)

1 cup of chopped walnuts

2 tbsp. unsalted butter (cubed)

Preparation for Gluten-Free Pie Crust

  1. Gather the ingredients.
  2. Measure dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Use a large whisk to thoroughly blend ingredients. 
  3. Pour the dry ingredients into a food processor bowl, fitted with a metal blade. Add the cold butter cubes and pulse until the butter cubes are reduced to the size of peas and the mixture looks like coarse, dry crumbs. 
  4. Add the lightly beaten egg and pulse just until egg is incorporated into the flour-butter mix. 
  5. Add 1 tbsp.of ice water and pulse several times. 
  6. Remove the processor lid and squeeze a small amount of the dough in your hand. If it holds together don't add more water. If the dough is too crumbly and dry, add 1/4 tsp. additional ice water and pulse several more times. Check the consistency of the dough again. If the dough holds together and you can form a ball don't add more water. Adding too much water will make the dough sticky and harder to roll out and shape. 
  7. Scrape the dough, which will look crumbly, on a clean work surface covered with waxed paper. Gather the dough into a ball. 
  8. Flatten to a large disk shape. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate for at least one hour before rolling out the dough. (If you're making this dough ahead of time, it is at this stage where the dough can be frozen. Place wax paper wrapped dough in a freezer bag, label and freeze for future use.) 
  9. Remove dough from refrigerator and place dough between two sheets of waxed paper. Let dough sit just until it's soft enough to roll. 
  10. When workable, lightly roll from the center outward, working to make a circle about 10-inches in diameter and about 1/8-inch thick. If the dough should get too warm and sticky, place it in the freezer for several minutes and then continue rolling it. 
  11. Peel top sheet of wax paper from the dough and carefully flip the dough, on the remaining sheet of waxed paper, over pie plate. Gently peel the waxed paper from the dough. 
  12. Gently press the dough into the pie plate. 
  13. Trim edges with knife and crimp edge with a fork or using your favorite method. Your pie crust is now ready to be filled.

Make the Apple Pie Filling

  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. Combine maple syrup, tapioca starch, the MCHEF® SWEET PUMPKIN SPICE,  in a large bowl and use a whisk to thoroughly blend ingredients.

  3. Add sliced apples and gently coat apples with the syrup. Add the nuts.

  4. Pour apples into dough-lined pie plate and distribute them evenly.

  5. Dot the top of the apples with cubed butter.

  6. Place the second prepared crust over the top of the apples. Press edges to seal dough and use your favorite method to flute the edges (pressed with fork tines, etc.)

Bake the Apple Pie

  1. Preheat oven to 425 F and place the grill in center of the oven.

  2. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes, until top is golden brown and apples are tender.

  3. Check frequently. If edges brown too quickly, place a strip of foil around the edge to prevent burning.

  4. Allow pie to cool for several minutes before cutting.

  5. Slice and serve with a spoon of unsweetened whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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