Sprinkle over desserts and ice cream with the MCHEF® ORANGE AND LEMON

How to perfect the best Orange and lemon spice topping experience for desserts and ice cream with the MCHEF® ORANGE AND LEMON. Just sprinkle it!


3 gr of MCHEF® ORANGE AND LEMON over your favorite desserts and ice cream and your world will climb into heaven!


Add a pinch of the MCHEF® ORANGE AND LEMON on your sweet bites! Enjoy the tastes of an exquisite middle orient spices crunching under your teeth…An explosion of citrus will bounce like a party in your mouth! It’s exquisite! Everybody will want to know your secret key for the little extra flavors in every bite.

For more idea, watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsQjL_3A648 

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