Sprinkle the amazing MCHEF® SMOKEY MAPLE over your desserts and ice cream!!!

10 seconds

1 serving


3 gr of MCHEF® SMOKEY MAPLE to add a taste of Quebec Sugar Shack to your desserts! Sweet-salty-peppery-smokey topping that will enhance under the tooth and pouf! An explosion of flavors with sweet vanilla on the walls of your palate … to try absolutely!


Add a pinch of MCHEF® SMOKEY MAPLE on your sweet bites! Savor the flavors of a unique blend of sugar, salt, liquid smoke and cracked black peppercorns … An explosion of flavors to enhance chocolate, caramel, nutty desserts, add brandy, whiskey, rum for even more panache. Big “party” in your mouth! It’s assured! Everyone will want to know your secret key for the small flavors added in every bite.

For more ideas, watch the video: Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUSP5JcYDD4