Warm Decadent Chocolate Chia & Flax Seeds Pudding...OMG! Best Recipe Ever! Guarantee

I have to share with you my latest recipe of Decadent Choco Chia & Flax Seeds Pudding
I guarantee this success recipe to chocolate lovers❤️

8 generous servings
•2 cups almond milk or coconut milk unsweetened
•1 tbsp cocoa powder
•2 tbsp chipits unsweetened of grated 90% or unsweetened dark chocolate•8 tbsp chia seeds
•3 tsp flax seeds
And 1 tbsp of peanut powder if you are cravings peanuts like me! 🥜 🤣

Boil to a boil over medium-high heat all the ingredients. Stir until getting a smooth and creamy texture. When ready spoon in 8 little ramequins. Let it cool down for 20 minutes. Serve warm or cool. Then before serving, serve with unsweetened whipped cream, toasted coconut shaved, sunflower seeds, etc! Sprinkle a little Magic with the MCHEF® Grandma Sweet Pumpkin Spice over! Enjoy one of the best treat ever! Packed with nutrients, good fats...Why not adding a tbsp of almond butter over it like my friend Jimmy Gallo does...Miam!

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