KIDS Venue! Cook with Chef Marie the Exquisite Grilled Cheese - Confit Onion and Sautéed Apples & Delicious Nutritious Energy Balls

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BOOK ONLINE BEFORE DEC. 8th VERY LIMITED SEATS! Classes are limited to 8-10 people Hands-on-partially cooking for the following KIDS Masterclass Next Tuesday December 10th 2019 from 5 pm to 6:30 pm CLASS 2-Kids!: Let's Make The Best Healthiest Nutritious Grilled Cheese with Confit Onion and Sautéed Apples! And Let's Energy Balls to Support Your Good Healthy Energy!

  • Date: 12/10/2019 05:00 PM
  • Location: Zen Coffee Shop 10960 S Eastern Ave. Suite 103 Henderson NV 89052 (Map)
  • More Info: Contact Chef Marie 702.482.2886 for more info. Thank you!


Chef Marie is a French Canadian Chef on a mission since 1996 in making the cooking experience a fun event for the pleasure of taste buds: colors, flavors, sprinkles with an entertaining culinary event at the “rendez-vous”!

Chef Marie is a developer of one of the first line of organic filler-free, allergy-free herbs and spices and also R&D expert specialized in allergens, a cookbook author, a business owner, an international show guest, a conference speaker and a recent host of her podcast co-hosted by Lee Cummings, titled MCHEF Burst of Flavors.

Introduction of the Chef Marie Masterclasses for the KIDS and of course Parents are invited too!


  • Chef Marie shares the best tips for making food choices in grocery stores.
  • Chef Marie cooks with children for an enjoyable cooking activity! Nothing better than traditional home cooking! Your children will bring back home Chef Marie’s recipes and cooking ideas and of course, some left overs so you can taste their chef d’oeuvre!
  • This Masterclass is performed by the Chef. Hands-on, children are partially cooking. A few French words to add to the fun class! It's a 90 minutes class.

Kids! Are You Ready to Cook with Chef Marie! 

Let’s cook together. We will have a lot of fun!

Amazing Grilled Cheese

So Delicious Energy Balls