Learn How To Cook Efficiently with Chef Marie - Spice Expert Specialized in Allergens - Author, Business Owner, Show Guest and Speaker: Chef has a lot to give and share!


Culinary Workshop Package - 90 Minutes - Chef Marie shares her culinary tips and technics. Learn to perfect your cooking style. Discover how to become intuitive in your cooking.

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Speaker - Guest Show

Inventor of the first line of non allergenic spices to launch on the market back in 2009, Chef Marie is a French Canadian executive chef, R&D expert specialized in allergens, cookbook author, business owner and an international show guest and speaker. Find out more flavors - new trends - agro-food news!

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The BRAND Recognition: Chef Marie and her R&D expert team offer a turnkey service to enhance the customer’s relationships of our clients. Another way to better serve clients while promoting businesses.

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