Learn How To Cook Efficiently with Chef Marie - Spice Expert Specialized in Allergens - Author, Business Owner, Show Guest and Speaker: Chef has a lot to give and to share! Contact Chef Marie Today! 702-482-2886 / 1-800-514-4950 /

Masterclasses: Have fun learning with Chef Marie while tasting great food in Las Vegas

Culinary Workshop Package - 60 Minutes to half a day - Chef Marie shares her culinary tips and technics. Learn to perfect your cooking style. Discover how to become intuitive in your cooking. Services between $75.00 and $185.00 per guest

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Weekly Menu Preparation by Chef Marie - Private Chef Services

Chef Marie is making sure to prepare you the best nutritious, healthy, delicious weekly custom made menu for all meals - One of a Kind Private Chef Service in Las Vegas - Chef Marie takes in count your personalized nutrition: Recipes for all diets and lifestyle: Low-carbs, gluten-free, diabetic menu, ketogenic menu, paleo menu, fitness pro menu, clean-eating, allergy-friendly, in Las Vegas A weekly healthy menu includes per pers. 5 smoothie mix - 5 snacks - 5 breakfasts - 5 lunch - 5 dinners - 5 desserts Service and Time: 2 hours grocery shopping including travel expenses 6 hours of cooking and baking $400.00 all inclusive + grocery

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Speaker - Guest Show

Great ideas to turn your event into an Experience! We al love to eat great food. Listen to an expert in gastronomic and culinary delights. Chef Marie is not only a successful foodie that knows how to prepare a dish but run the successful business that puts on it your table. If you want to learn from the best chefs, book your next event with Chef Marie. You can definitely call this event a gourmet talk about cooking, Haute Cuisine, culinary arts, gastronomy, business, entrepreneur lifestyle, passion and trendy speaking Experience. Inventor of one of the first line of allergy-free herbs and spices to launch on the market back in 2013, Chef Marie is a French Canadian executive chef mastering cooking since 1996, R&D expert specialized in allergens, cookbook author, business owner since 2003 and an international speaker. Have Chef Marie be your show guest during your event, you will be delighted, Chef Marie is a fine connoisseur and has a lot to share about her professional journey, her mission of true organic flavors - new trends and agro-food news.

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The BRAND Recognition: Chef Marie and her R&D expert team offer a turnkey service to enhance the customer’s relationships of our clients. Another way to better serve clients while promoting businesses. Get the best quality of herbs and spices for your customers. Spice company, charity events, corporate events, corporate gifts, sponsors products, we have what it take for your marketing product!

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