Classy Cocktail Appetizers Reception

Classy Cocktail Appetizers Reception



FUNKY Cocktail-Appetizers MCHEF Menu 02-20-2020.pdf

$97.00 from 6-12 guests

$87.00 from 12 to 16 guests

$77.00 from 17 guests and up


Mise en bouche /Appetizers

1 kind = 2.5 bites / person (Please pick 8 choices according to your linking!)

1.  Port duck mousse, raisins soaked in sherry and pistachio praline

2.  Brie, kiwi and maple caramelized pecans on walnut oil crouton

3.  Snail and leek in creamy garlic sauce

4.  Shelley of duck foie gras, quince jelly and pistachio praline

5.  Mini Brie (or goat cheese) croustade, drizzle of white truffle oil, honey caramelized onions and roasted pine nuts

6.  Smoked salmon on a bagel, crème fraîche citrus and capers, black truffle salt and caviar

7.  Tartlet à la Bourguignonne (crispy bacon, mushroom, leek, veal demi-glace)

8.  Warm Paillot goat cheese (chèvre chaud), honey and balsamic syrup and nut oil

9.   Sautéed shrimp, white wine, parsley and wild garlic, MCHEF way!

10. Mini skewer of filet mignon with Iranian spices, a little bit of tenderness!

11. Mini skewer of saffron chicken and shallot yogurt sauce

12. Smoked salmon rillettes, MCHEF way with avocado, fried shallots and mango...Sweet and lovely!

13. Seared moon scallops with citrus butter sauce and fried shallots

14. Fried stuffed lobster ravioli, Ginger Beurre Blanc

15. Fried stuffed ravioli with duck confit, cognac veal demi-glace

16. Tartlet of duck leg confit and cognac veal demi-glace, very trendy in Nice FR

17. Roll of Prosciutto, pear, lemon, arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts

18. Seared duck foie gras, mango carpaccio and salsa verde

20. Mini burger kebab lamb, harissa spread and old cheddar cheese

21. Shrimp salad in a jar, orange, cherry tomato, avocado, mango and sesame emulsion

22. Mini sandwich pressed with shredded duck confit and orange sauce

23. Baguette merguez, harissa spread and onion confit

24. Beet Jar, green apple, goat cheese, maple praline pecan and fresh herbs

25. Seared tofu, raw beet and daikon, dragon sauce

26. Bocconcini, cherry-tomato and basil emulsion


MOUTH WATERING APPETIZERS, please choose 8 kinds!

(10 choices = 2 bites per person)

1. Moroccan eggplant caviar on crispy pita chips with paprika

2. Goat cheese diamond with glossy honey, crunchy hazelnuts

3. Warm bruschetta with spinach, roasted pine nuts and white cheese

4. Verrine of beet, green apple, praline pecan, mint and coriander

5. Chantilly of avocado and white wine sautéed shrimp with mango carpaccio

6. Moon of seared tofu, citrus butter sauce and fried shallots

7. Mini BLT (coconut vegan bacon, dragon sauce, tomato, lettuce wrapped in pita)

8. Parmesan shortbread, rosemary and roasted pine nuts

9. Fried ravioli stuffed with cheese, red wine creamy tomato sauce

10. Grilled tofu cube, sliced daikon, sesame emulsion

11. Jar of orange and fennel salad with pistachio praline

12. Ratatouille bites, creme fraiche with lemon and mint

13. Burger of lentil patty, harissa spread, arugula and confit tomato cherry

14. Skewers of bocconcini pearl, cherry tomato, spicy olive and basil emulsion

15. Jar of the best chickpea salad you ever tasted, Moroccan way

Sweet bites! My grandma's recipes!

(Choose 2 sweet bites please)

1 kind = 2.5 bites / person

1. Mary 's Brownies and sugar cream fudge icing

2. CHOCO BIJOUX of Marie

3. Mini - cakes Ode to Joy (Mocha)

4. Mini - cakes Princess Diana (Vanilla, raspberry and white chocolate icing)

5. Mini - cakes Champs Elysees (Vanilla, whipped cream and wild berries)

6. Fruity, Caramel, Chocolaty Verrine

MCHEF®  offers you the following possibilities: 

  • Fresh quality products at all times
  • Culinary preparation at location
  • Wine & Food pairing suggestion according to your budget
  • Basic kitchen cleaning at the end of the reception
  • Gourmet Gifts for all guests
  • Guaranteed success of your event
  • Chef Marie brings her equipment. 
  • Dishes and Rentals are not provided but we accompany you with the rental list.
  • The event is a 5 hour-service.
  • $150.00/hour is charged for each additional hour (no partial hours).
  • Waiters, Mixologist or Sommelier are extra costs and are not included in the service. For service below 6 guests, 1 waiter is required. For service between 8 to 12 guests, 2 waiters are required. For a service over 13 guests, it may vary from 3 to 5 waiters depending on the nature of the service and the event
  • All services are payable to MCHEF LLC. by cash, check,  credit card (extra charge of 3%) or by PayPal (3%)
  • Travel costs may apply if the location of the service is more than 30 minutes away from zip code 89123
  • Gratuity is at the discretion of the client

Chef Marie is a French Canadian Chef on a mission since 1996 in making the cooking experience a fun event for the pleasure of taste buds: colors, flavors, sprinkles with an entertaining culinary event at the “Rendez-Vous”! Chef Marie has developed a line of organic filler-free allergy-free herbs and spices. Chef Marie is an R&D expert specialized in allergens, a cookbook author,  an international show guest, a conference speaker and a recent host of her podcast titled MCHEF® Burst of Flavors

Here is the description of our enterprise:
Since 1999, Chef Marie-Dominique Rail has been involved in Montreal's French cuisine and restaurants. She also composes music for the piano and offers to play at culinary events and in your home as part of the MCHEF© gastronomical experience. Her culinary style is traditional French cuisine combining Mediterranean and Middle Eastern perfumes. Her cuisine is a burst of flavors! MCHEF© invites you to live a unique gastronomical and musical experience!

Chef Marie-Dominique Rail offers In-home personalized catering services: 

3 to 7 Course Signature Gourmet Events

4 Course Gourmet Buffet

Cocktail Dînatoire (Salty bites and Sweet Treats)

Master Cooking Classes 

Cooking Demonstrations