Interested in learning cooking skills, tips and techniques? Chef Marie share her culinary best practices for your everyday cooking, from the grocery purchases to the conservation of your food recipes. 

You would like to perfect sauces, marinades, soups, salads, stews, make the best meat, fish, vegetarian recipes with easy steps, learn how to bake desserts for the pleasure of your taste buds, learn more about mixology and exquisite flavors in cocktails. 

Chef Marie is friendly, passionate and she will definitely show you how to be the best home chef in the comfort of your kitchen. Chef Marie proposes showcase a culinary experience in the form of a personalized tasting and fun event to learn on how to best use the herbs and spices as proactively as possible.

Chef Marie loves cooking and making people healthy and happy with food. She is French Canadian - bilingual - ready to cook for:

-Your weekly menu

-Your private party

-Teaching you and your kids how to cook efficiently

-Showing you how to plan a cocktail party

-Showing you how to plan a dining event at home

-Showing you the best gourmet gifts to impress your guests

Chef Marie has been an executive chef in restaurants, private chef, and caterer for the past 23 years. I specialize in healthy gourmet, meal prep, gluten free, paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, restricted diets and all the other cuisines. Italian, Mexican, French, Asian, etc...

Made with passion and care!

Chef Marie