BUY NOW for your Holiday Cooking and for your Gifts! The new collection will be ready soon! BRAND NEW ORGANIC FILLER-FREE AND ALLERGY-FREE to get all the great benefits of herbs and spices! So you know, the previous collection is still available on Amazon! After 10 years of development, Chef Marie and her team finally made it happening to offer you the best quality herbs and spices! Let's celebrate healthy and wise cooking! THE BEST ORGANIC STEAK RUB EVER MADE FOR BBQ PROS! You must try this amazing and ultra-tasty rub made for BBQ professionals blended in the heart of Montreal! A lot of chefs are using this special blend because it’s the real taste of the classical and authentic spice recipe developed in Montreal. Our Steak Rub is all-natural ingredients and low in sodium. We added a little smoky twist into it! 0.88 oz. - 12 servings Everybody, your family, your guests will love our STEAK RUB! Try it and taste the difference. Far away to be too salty and we do not add MSG and hydrogenated oil like other brands chemical like the other brands. We love to give you the best quality in ingredients. The STEAK RUB is for multipurpose recipes: Sprinkle or use it as a marinade with oil to wrap up the spices. Amazing over meat, fish, tofu-tempeh, legume, vegetable, salad, potato and sauce. Have fun enhancing your dishes with the STEAK RUB, it’s savory and it has an exquisite smoky flavor on every pinch! INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC ONION, ORGANIC GARLIC, ORGANIC SMOKED PAPRIKA, ORGANIC BELL PEPPER (RED), ORGANIC BLACK PEPPER, SEA SALT, ORGANIC CORIANDER SEED AND ORGANIC CANE SUGAR.

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  • Return Policy: We do not accept returns. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact us and we will take care of it. We offer a great customer service, we want to make sure you are happy cooking with the MCHEF herbs and spices. Your happiness counts so much for us!

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Authentic Steak Rub/ Lightly Smoked / Lightly Salted / Best BBQ Marinades / Best BBQ Recipes / Delicious over red meat, chicken, salmon, tofu, tempeh and potatoes / Simply Sprinkle a pinch (half a teaspoon) to get a pro result / Our organic spice rub is filler-free, allergy-free and low in sodium / Kosher Certified

  • Put half the amount you are usually using in your prep because MCHEF® ingredients are pure.

25 gr - 0.88 oz.

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