BUY NOW for your Holiday Cooking and for your Gifts! The new collection will be ready soon! NEW ORGANIC FILLER-FREE AND ALLERGY-FREE to get all the great benefits of herbs and spices! So you know, the previous collection is still available on Amazon! After 10 years of development, Chef Marie and her team finally made it happening to offer you the best quality herbs and spices! Let's celebrate healthy and wise cooking! Chef Marie’s Grandma Jano Sweet Pumpkin Spice Recipe enhances all favorite dessert recipes: carrot cake, molasse and ginger cookie, zucchini muffins and apple pie. Sprinkle over apple, pear, pineapple, make a nice caramel sauce, sprinkle over granola, ice cream, yogurt, whipped cream and add a little kick to your hot chocolate and Chai tea! This is an authentic spice blend that Jano was baking with. Jano has introduced to Chef Marie the art of cooking and the passion of baking. It all started when Chef Marie was 5 years old with maple syrup scrambled eggs. 0.88 oz. - 12 servings INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC CINNAMON, ORGANIC GINGER, ORGANIC CLOVES, ORGANIC NUTMEG, ORGANIC ALLSPICE AND ORGANIC CARDAMOM.

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My Grandma Jano Pumpkin Spice Blend/ Simply Wonderful / Perfect for apple pie/ Pefrect for carrot cake / Perfect for buns / Add a ;ittle spinkle over your muffin, cake and cookie dough / Sprinkle over ice cream / Add a pinch in your chai latte, in your coffee, in your tea, in your vegan milk / Enhance apple sauce, caramel - butterscotch sauce / Love in hot chocolate and over chocolate / Spinkle and caramelize over nuts / Simply Sprinkle a pinch (half a teaspoon) to get a pro result / Our organic spice rub is filler-free, allergy-free and low in sodium / Kosher Certified

5 ways to use it: 

1. Dip the glass rim into the liquid (syrup, lemon or fruit juice) and coat the outer lip of the glass in the cocktail blend. Tap lightly. 

2. Same as step 1 and caramelize with a torch around the glass to make a nice golden candy! 

3. Add few pinches to your favorite cocktail and shake it! 

4. Sprinkle it over your cocktail! Over whipped cream, it’s awesome too! 

5. Enhance your favorite dishes and desserts, just spice it up! MCHEF® is always a touch of creativity to enhance your taste buds!

  • Put half the amount you are usually using in your prep because MCHEF® ingredients are pure.

25 gr - 0.88 oz.

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