Bartenders, mixologists, BBQ Pros, and Chefs (home chefs and professionals), This is a very special smoky sweet n’ salty cocktail spice blend that you can use like a rub. Spark it, caramelize it, twist it for your whiskey cocktail and marinade. If you burn it, it will caramelize and will frost like a nice maple shack candy around the rim, torch it over meat like chicken, rubs and BBQ sauce, over red fish and tofu! Not to mention mixed with mustard and potatoes…Amazing tasty results! Guarantee you will enjoy the new flavors in the palate. Way to go! This is a heavy metal rub! 2.29 oz. - 32 servings (USD $6.99 - 8,99$ CDN) Ingredients: Sugar, kosher salt, spices, smoke flavor, silica.

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  • Return Policy: We do not accept returns. If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact us and we will take care of it. We offer a great customer service, we want to make sure you are happy cooking with the MCHEF herbs and spices. Your happiness counts so much for us!

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5 ways to use it: 

1. Dip the glass rim into the liquid (syrup, lemon or fruit juice) and coat the outer lip of the glass in the cocktail blend. Tap lightly. 

2. Same as step 1 and caramelize with a torch around the glass to make a nice golden candy! 

3. Add few pinches to your favorite cocktail and shake it! 

4. Sprinkle it over your cocktail! Over whipped cream, it’s awesome too! 

5. Enhance your favorite dishes and desserts, just spice it up! MCHEF® is always a touch of creativity to enhance your taste buds!

  • Put half the amount you are usually using in your prep because MCHEF® ingredients are pure.

  • Each product gives back to St. Jude

65 gr - 2.29 oz

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