The Spice Lounge

We lower the price of our spices to cope with the current situation and to make your food preparation more enjoyable! This particular situation brings all families back into cooking. We offer exclusive discounts to enhance your daily menus. Bon Appétit! Discover new flavors showcasing the famous cuisines of the world with Chef Marie's specialty herbs and spice blends developed with her expert team to bring you the true flavors of authentic herbs and spices without any added unnecessary ingredients - ALL filler-free and low in Salt or no-salt. Kosher Certified. We are launching our new USDA Organic Spice Collection in end of April. Add a little spice to your recipes for a Burst of Flavor!

This collection is still available on Amazon! We offer this exclusive bundle at special discount to cover your cooking and to enhance with unique flavors your daily meals. Cooking is always the best part. Enhance your daily meals with Chef Marie's spice collection. You will discover new flavors. It's a unique spice products that took 10 years in R&D to develop. STEAK RUB 2.29 oz. - 65 gr / 30 servings ISLANDS 1.76 oz. - 50 gr / 25 servings SOUTH OF FRANCE 1.76 oz. - 50 gr / 25 servings THAILAND 1.76 oz. - 50 gr / 25 servings LOUISIANA 1.76 oz. - 50 gr / 25 servings BEST BEFORE 09-2022 Chef Marie's spice blends are for multipurpose recipes: Sprinkle or use it as a marinade with oil to wrap up the spices. Authentic aromatic spice blends to sprinkle over meat, fish, tofu-tempeh, legume, vegetable, salad, potato and sauce. Have fun enhancing your dishes with our spice blends, it’s savory and it has an exquisite new flavored aromas perfectly paired on every pinch! Lightly Salted / Best BBQ Marinades / Best BBQ Recipes / Delicious over red meat, chicken, salmon, tofu, tempeh and potatoes / Simply Sprinkle a pinch (half a teaspoon) to get a pro result / Our spice rub is filler-free, free from the 12 main allergens (gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, nuts, sesame, shellfish, dairy, coconut, sulfite and mustard* (*exception for the STEAK RUB) / HACCP and Kosher Certified “Clean label” without severe additives and fillers, gluten-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, Trans fat-free, vegan-friendly. Our herbs and spices do not contain: sulfate, cellulose and corn. All our blends are laboratory tested and verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality. Our blend contains the minimum silica required per production which is 3 ppm (part per million) in a production of 160 lbs required by the regulations of FDA department.