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Trouver la paix au milieu du bruit avec Julie Christopher

With the overload of information and new technology, more and more people are finding it hard to find peace amidst all the noise. Overcome by their challenges and obstacles, people seem to be running on autopilot and have lost their ability to plan and strategize their way to success. Julie Christopher, the Founder and Creator of Biztuition, aka Business Intuition, helps clients move beyond the noise to a space of peace and clarity. She says by applying and opening up your physical body, you can reach a state of peace and consciousness that will clear your mind and help you make better decisions, solve problems more quickly, and overcome challenges. Discover the strategies and rituals Julie employs to help clients start to feel more peaceful and have freedom, alignment, and success.

Finding Peace Amidst The Noise with Julie Christopher

I have a very special guest, Julie Christopher from Biztuition.com. She's not only a sensational professional entrepreneur, a coach of life, a Yogi, an artist that’s a musician with beautiful music that you will be able to listen to. She's also a wife and a mother. She has so much to teach us with her very impressive life story. Welcome, Julie. You are my first guest.

What an honor and a pleasure to be your first guest. I'm thinking, “Can you imagine being the first guest on the Oprah Show or can you imagine being the first guest on anything?” What an honor. You are a celebrity chef, Marie, and I even use your spice in my kitchen. It's incredible to be able to participate on your show and to set the tone for the world and for your readers and make sure that between you and me, we can create more spice into their lives. The intention of the show is always gratitude and to have this balance in our lives where we can perform a life of abundance and prosperity and peace. I’m excited to be here. Thank you so much.

Let's bring a lot of good intention to the readers to give them as much as possible tips and gifts so they can go throughout their day in continuing and learning and searching for a true, simple, authentic balance into each and every lives. That's what we're striving for.

It's not an easy task because as we are in our lives now, whether it is business or life itself, it seems like it's so complicated just to have a life. We have so much to take care of, so many new people to take care of and then you have the technology that is bringing less peace to people. It seems like technology should bring more peace to people, but it seems to me like it's quite the opposite and we're going backward in the way when we have forgotten. We've become on auto pilot. You push a button and you get an answer. You push a second button and you get a different answer. How can we find peace within this noise and also creating more space for us to be creative and to come back to our human purpose? I think the show is terrific because we bring wisdom to people and to clear things, how to move beyond the noise. I think this show is going to be so fantastic. It’s a dose of spice and prosperity.

It's the time of individualism in our society, but it's also a time where we can do introspection in inner work and into our daily lives, like mindset and heartset. I'd like to ask you a question because since we are talking about different aspects of society, we always mention and often mentioned to entrepreneurs that they are so successful. Success, when they mean that powerful word, it often means the value of their money. I was wondering, you are in such a beautiful introspection into your life. You are into inner work every day. What does success mean for you? What's the definition of success for you?

Success to me is love and I mean that not just to say it. It means that it is what it is and love within every aspect of life. Its building a relationship within this higher vibration, building relationship with money is the relationship with yourself as love. I found out that for me, love is success because I feel like there are times in my life where I had nothing but somehow, I made it through because I had this connection with a higher purpose, which is love. I had times in my life where I had everything and I still had this connection within myself that is this foundation of self-love and divine love. For me, whether we have something or we don't have it, it's been that foundation of success for me. Whether I have something or I let go of that something, I let go of the idea of attachment.

If you claim on something and you become attached to that something, let’s say you get a great result or you get financially blessed that day, instead of being attached to this, I right away go into, “How can that serve the higher purpose instead of clinging to it?” The next day it might be completely gone and now what would happen to me? Now I would be completely devastated, stressed, worried and probably getting sick. When we find ourselves that we’re around love instead of around suffering, then everything becomes very purposeful, if you will so to me, success is love.

Love is a very strong life achievement for ourselves because we have to have self-love at first. Throughout your journey, you have a powerful story to share. You left your country at a very early age with practically nothing, a guitar and a tiny bag and you were in search for your inner love.

I felt actually literally abandoned by my own blood family. At a very young age I didn't feel supported. It's quite of a bit of a trauma story and I don't mind to share very much because to me, traumas are a treasure that can fulfill your purpose later on so to me, it's all good. Finding love for me was at the time was seeking love and approval. Even though I was very confused at the time, I had severe anxieties, things like eating disorder from bulimia. I was messed up. I was seeking this for myself, not knowing how to find it and where to find it. After discovering the path of Yoga, I remember thinking, “This is my home.” I remember at the age of fifteen, I discovered the path of Yoga. I actually said to myself, I remember my first year and it was very cool because I felt home.

This home was literally the Om that I found within myself. That was it for me. I remember thinking, “That is it. Your home is within yourself.” Wherever I go, I can open that up and enter my life the way I see it, the way I feel it, the way I want to create it myself. Nobody's going to do it for me. Once I realized it was my home within myself, then I began to create my own family within myself. I don't know, it's tough to explain but that was the journey. I remember I have to cut myself from this class and move on and open a world of possibilities somewhere else where I could maybe be accepted for who I was.

Your goal was one of your first self-commitment to achieve the fact of inner love, self-love. 

Yes, 100% and it still is now. There's no ending and it’s amplified and it gets better and sweeter but it's still now the higher path, the Dharma. We call it the Dharma, the way up to God. It's the purpose, it’s the journey, it’s what fulfills me every day. It never ends. It only gets different, better. It's just an experience but it never ends. There is no ending goal. It will never end because we're infinite awareness. It's a never-ending process. That's the beauty of it all.

It's a burst of flavor every day. It's a rendezvous.

I wish that for everyone, to find this peace within themselves and know that they are home within themselves. Finding this connection with Divine Source is important. It's important in business because it's the foundation for abundance.

Do you have other things that you do, other types of activities that help you to get into that space of love and space of freedom? Is there anything else in yoga that you'd like to share with us that we could start doing or continue to do? 

There’s a tip that I share with all the entrepreneurs that I work with when they ask me, “Miss Julie, how can I achieve what you have?” I say, “Everybody is unique and different, but what you can start doing is applying your physical body and to open your body so you can start to feel more peaceful.” When you start feeling more peaceful, then it starts to create and to manifest the outside. What we do is that I would take someone or I would simply teach someone to step out of his shoes and to walk barefoot outside, even if it's two to five minutes, but make it a point to do so because your nervous system is a portal to open up to yourself. What happens is that when you close your feet, when you’re always in your shoes and you’re always constricted, your nervous system tends to be also restricted and squeezed in. You need to recharge.

BOF 3 | Finding PeaceFinding Peace: Finding this connection with the Divine Source is important in business because it's the foundation for abundance. 

A great way to do that is with Mother Earth, the Earth itself. You would go outside, take your shoes off, you can spread your toes and ground to the Earth and bring that into an intention like consciously saying, “My feet are my boots and I'm plugging it at this time and space right now, at this moment, to the Earth and I charge up all the items that I need for my body to get the chi, the planet, the life force.” You can stand there outside, shoulders back, heart open and take some deep breath. Be absolutely conscious and be in a state and just be there. It takes about two to five minutes. You will start feeling some changes. You will start to recognize that there’s a connection between you and the Earth, the mother and then you do that every day. That's what I encourage you to do. It’s a simple trick.

You have to commit to it. You have to do it every day and you can even involve your kids to do that. That's so simple. It's free.

It is absolutely amazing. I have two girls: Shanti and Ananda. We actually will make it. We take not just shoes. Of course, if you're in an office, you're not going to go outside naked. Do that in a retreat. We don't need to have always all the structures, all this linear thinking. We can be free. It's that we don't remember how it feels. We go naked outside and we feel the sun, feel the vibration of the air and the wind. We hear the birds, you have all the senses that come alive and we expand those senses. Just be there with this amazing field that surrounds you and then we set an intention. If you don't know how to set an intention, say a prayer. The universe listens to you all the time. Everything you think about, everything you do is being recorded and it has its own vibration.

It's funny how simple and genuine it can be, this barefoot activity can take five minutes during the day, but how many people would rely on that and commit to that? I'm very curious to see if we could challenge everyone and say, “For a month, can you commit to going there outside every day and spend five minutes barefoot on the grass?” Apparently, it takes 66 days to commit to a new habit. I'm wondering how many people would be willing to do that every day. I will try right away.

It's a commitment, but it's not that much of a commitment because we commit to sitting down and watching TV every day. What does that do for you? It actually puts you in a container, in this prison. We commit to things that are so not nurturing for us, but we can't commit to something that can transform your life for the better. That's why this is so important because we can't remember ourselves and others that we can change. We can change our life, we can create, we can do something that is so beautiful and positive every day and it has a ripple effect. If we do it, you then have a conversation with a friend, “I was standing in the sun, my feet on the ground and it changed something.” That's what it's all about is that it's a ripple effect. This is an awesome thing to share.

Always dare. Do you have the specials daily routine that you'd like to share with us? 

There is one thing that I do not deviate from and it's almost militant to me. I'm very extremely OCD and I have also learning disorders, but I'm going to stick to what you asked me. I had found in my life that it’s very important to have a type of exercise that we stick to. Obviously, you know the answer to that. It’s yoga and yoga practice every day and that might be the same posture, but it's a frame of reference. It's the alignment. When I get to move my body and my breath together like an orchestra, it creates a very quick alignment that I don't have to think about. I go into a flow in at least an hour. That's a minimum but that's me, because I graduated there. I wrote down a ten-minute program that you can do in the morning. There are a lot of problems right now with hormones, a lot of women have thyroid issues. I give them a little program that they can do every day and it's just ten to fifteen minutes. It's simple but it’s all doing yoga postures that actually were created to heal the body.

Every posture is designed for a very specific purpose. Let's say shoulder stand points, that's for your hormones, or Trikonasana, the triangle pose is to heal your back. If you commit to one, something that is moving with the breath, if you like Tai Chi or any movement, a companion was the breath, it creates a new pathway for the brains and opens up your nervous system. That's what I stick to every day. That's what works for me. Obviously outside of that, I have many little things that I do with sound. I would do ohming. We have to align with the breath because the breath has all the answers. If it's during the day, so it's very quick. I have crystals. I have a guitar. I would just think the time doing things like that.

It means that you have in the routine for the whole day. You have little things here and little things there. 

We’re multidimensional beings so we'll have the body, we have the energy body, we have the supple body, we have the light body and we have the brain. Because we all have that, it makes sense to feed all these levels of yourself. If you're not just this body and you’re doing only the body and you’re eating and you’re pooping and you're going to bed and you're sleeping, it doesn't make sense because you are only feeding one part of yourself. You have so many other bodies that come with it and you need to feed that too. It doesn't take a very long time because it's all based energetically because we're energy beings. We’re nothing else. If you use crystals, you can set an intention with your crystal. I do write a lot in consulting so I have to get back in alignment not to match someone else's alignment. You always have to create your space. After sessions, for instance, I would work with crystals to bring myself back in alignment and crystals amplify intentions. You can have the receiving hand, the giving hand. You can put a crystal on your heart chakra and say you feel stressed. For whatever reason, you can put a crystal at the heart chakra.

This is a good tip and even to protect yourself?

We all do. The animals do it. They protect themselves. If you think about it, they do. We forget that we're sensitive beings. If you put the crystal on your heart chakra, you expand your awareness there. If you feel a little stressed and closed down and you can get back into the alignment of radiating abundance, if that's the intention, you can begin to see a little light. Perhaps if you close your eyes, you see a little light around your head or even on your forehead or the heart chakra and you let that do the light be and focus your attention to that little light. You will let it expand and let it expand. There is no outcome.

This is a nice daily visualization. I’ve been consulting you and because a lot of readers will be interested in consulting you, how do we reach out for you? Where can we expect to work with you? You are working on a lot of aspects of spirituality, inner work and deep work. You had to dig into the mindset, heartset and setting intentions and visualization, but you have so much to give. You have a panel of things that we can work on. Can you let us know what would you offer as for services and how can people reach out to you?

The first thing I would say is that you can always visit my website at Biztuition.com. Within the website, you will find many pages that you can access and contact me if you're ready to work with me, so we can at least have a conversation and I can help you to assess what you need. A lot of times what I found out is people who come to me don't even know what they need. That's a big start to like, “I didn't realize that was the block.” As an expert in intuition, I would guide people to revisit what it is that they're looking for, not necessarily the problem because if I don't see people to fix, there's nothing ever to fix. I see people exactly perfect the way they are.

That's also part of the work is I give them the tools, but there is nothing to fix. It might be an alignment. Let's say you're saying, “I grew up with abusive parents and that's causing me financial block.” Instead of seeing this as a problem, I see it as a treasure. How can we take this condition and use it to fuel your success? How can you take that and use it to write a book? How can we change that and use it to help more people instead of wanting to fix it because there's nothing to fix? If you came across experience and you survived the experience, you are already healed. You don't need me. You need me to point you to the guidance that you might want, but you don't need to be fixed.

That's a big deal for me that I want people to know that they are exactly perfect the way they are and then to accept themselves the way they are. That's how we start working together and then we go where we need to go. The first step is to go into the Contact page on my website and to connect with me. There's my email. There's everything that you need. There's a free chapter of my book with Jack Canfield on my website. You have free audio that is also available to sleep. If you need help to sleep, there's a free audio and my team is putting together an audio product that will be available, a process on how to make a decision based on your intuition. I'm excited about this. I'm an open book, an open glass. You can go on my website and find all the way to reach me.

BOF 3 | Finding PeaceFinding Peace: We’re multidimensional beings. We have the energy body, the supple body, the light body, and the brain. 

What I like about the surface that you are providing to us is it's a guidance service and it's open to everyone. It's open to the business owners and entrepreneurs but also people who are in search of some things in their lives that they are missing. It's not necessarily to achieve a goal. It's to go on with the journey because you offer webinars and retreats also and one-on-one consultation. You are an open-minded guide and this is great to know because we all go through different things in life. You can all help us in the way.

I think we can all help each other and that’s the beauty of opening up a community of those light people, light beings. It’s giving tools and preparing those light warriors to face the adversity they are going to face in their life and in their business. This is Biz Tuition, building this community of Indigos and the light warriors and Earth angels so that we can collect those tools and tips and teach them. I see Biz Tuition now more like a community as it expands, and it’s a way that we can help each other to raise consciousness. That's what I love about my business. It's building this whole community.

Can I share something with you that we talked about that was very powerful to me and it was new to hear? It's a knowledge that you shared about consciousness and awareness about time. Time is right here, right now at this very proximate second but the past, future is an illusion. Can you come back to me on this beautiful knowledge? It's so powerful and I invite people to meditate and digest what you are going to say. I'm still thinking about it. I'm not done yet.

When I was little, I used to travel in time. Don't ask me how I used to do it because for me it was a normal thing and I thought that everyone was doing it. I space travel. I just thought, “If I do this, I'm sure everybody else is the same.” I found out that it was not the case. I was given this tool at birth, that I was able to travel through space and time and receive knowledge from other galaxies and things like civilizations, speaking a language I’ve never heard before, dreaming in Sanskrit and the incredible things that I grew up in that way. In the movie, The Sixth Sense, I grew up a lot like that. It was normal for me to find out it was not normal. With this time thing, I realized that time is not real. When we get stuck on the timelines of what happened ten years ago or what would happen ten years from now, we lose ourselves in the process and we get lost. We get depressed and we mourn the past. We mourn something that does not exist because it's just an imprint in the memory, like a code in a computer. It's in your files and it doesn't exist. It's like you go on your computer, we can take that file and then delete it and you'll know it doesn't exist because it's just a file. It's not real.

Time is the same thing. It's real in the third dimension as we actually created time. We created time but it never existed. We did that. We say Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday but it does not exist. The only thing that truly exists is you and I right now as we speak in the present. That's why the present is called the present because it's the gift of living. When you’re so present, you access your intuition and you access a higher perception where you get the answers, where you get the knowledge, but it's not in the past or the future because it doesn't exist. We can’t wrap our minds around that because we talk about the quantum physics here and you can teach it and you can read about it. The best way to describe it is it’s like those miracles when somebody dies and come back into life. You can't explain it. I couldn't even explain it to you.

Other people live these experiences more and more. We talked about it.

We talked about it and it happened to me as well. The reason is that because time doesn't exist and death doesn't exist as well. Life and death are the same things because there is no death, which is continuing the process. It's an experience. That's why I came up with saying we're an infinite awareness having an experience because there is no ending or beginning. It doesn't exist. Those are looping stories that we're telling ourselves to keep us from exploring, to keep us from living our full potential.

It's amazing what you are saying and it will take time to re-listen to your beautiful knowledge. I invite you to continue to blog and to send us some beautiful notes every day for the people who are following you on Instagram and Facebook. You are very present on a daily level and it's a true guidance. Thank you for shining and glowing every day because you are making a true difference and a positive change into this world. I feel like a burst of flavors right here, right now. I want to live every second of it because it's so exciting and it puts us into joy and it’s a spark in life. Thank you for what you do, Julie. You're so beautiful.

It's truly like your spice. You create your own spice. How many times do we eat and we are not connecting with the things that we eat? We sit down, we eat because we have to and up we go. It should be a meditation. It's such a gift to be able to have something to eat or to have something incredible to eat.

It’s part of the ritual.

That's what I was going to ask you, you being a chef and to incorporate awareness into food because that is part of our consciousness.

It’s the little tiny ingredients, we're talking about spices here but they are the stars of the recipes. If we only concentrate on this particular ingredient that makes something so incredible, if you focus on the best thing that you can put on your stomach instead of using a flavor that is chemical and that is refined and that has nothing to do with the organic, authentic flavor a bit, you're losing the ritual. We have to emphasize on the best quality ingredients that we can find on the market. This is why I'm on this mission for so long, since I started cooking.

I am using your spices and I enjoy it and I share them.

I’m happy to hear that.

The true art of international, global taste that you give is amazing. I was so happy because one of your spices is Provence and I grew up on that spice. Obviously, I'm from the south of France. I was like, “This is the taste of when I was a child.” It's so great that you're able to share that with the world and to provide the best of the best because we looked at the supermarket and we get the Costco brand. It's great. It's big boxers but then we lose quality because we lose it with the quantity and it's amazing. My hope and dream for you is that you're expanding that and it becomes a big success. We'll keep on sharing for sure.

Thank you, Julie. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was reading a beautiful quote and I find that it presumes beautifully the conversation that we have together. It comes from William Arthur Ward. Let’s take a moment to digest these words because they are pretty powerful. “The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is Julie Christopher, and it’s to give.”

BOF 3 | Finding PeaceFinding Peace: When we get stuck on the timelines of what happened ten years ago or what would happen ten years from now, we lose ourselves in the process and we get lost. 

I know you’ll add that in there. Thank you so much.

Are you willing to come back because I would love to invite you on a regular basis?

It would be absolutely a true honor and a marvelous opportunity. It's enriching and of course, I’ll say yes.

Let's talk about your music. We didn't talk about it and I would like to emphasize on one episode about your music. It's very exceptional. I'm going to leave the link to the people so they can go see what you do because they can integrate your music into their daily routine.

I started my music when I was six years old and it has been a way for me to do everything else. I'm not sure how to explain that because it was my source of everything. It was my fuel for my soul to be quite honest. Without my music and my guitar, we will not be talking now. I always tell people when I speak, “This is the one thing that was truly my home, is to come back in this music vibration, being me and not having that little shield.” I started a long time ago. One day, I picked up my guitar and I’ve never let it go. Any problem I have or any doubt, I go and pick up my guitar and I made sure I'll do that. Within five minutes, my problem is gone. I do wish that everyone in their lives have some type of source of creativity that they can turn to, whether it is writing or singing or painting or dancing. Don't lose that inner child. Don’t lose the creativity. Keep at it. Don't give up.

You’re so generous. Thank you so much. The sound, the chord is beautiful. It's unique. You are unique yourself. Your song is so original. We can’t wait for that second album. The first one, I still listen to it non-stop in the car, when I'm cooking or when I take a bath. Your music can accompany us for the whole day. It's fantastic. Thank you so much. 

Thank you for allowing me to be so authentic and vulnerable with you and your readers. It’s hopefully to be able to communicate and have a conversation with another cosmic being, another light being like yourself. That's the gift of being present with you. The offering that you give me could not be more in bliss. Truly, I feel that and I mean it. I feel it with all my heart and soul. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the teachings. We will see you very soon, Julie Christopher. Thank you. 

Thank you for being so generous with your show.

Have a delicious day. I will see you next time.


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About Julie Christopher

BOF 3 | Finding PeaceJulie Christopher is the Founder & Creator of Biztuition, aka Business Intuition.

In addition to being a successful Business Coach, Consultant, Best-Selling Author & Speaker, Julie is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, reiki master, & yoga therapist. In fact, Julie's first career started in Paris, France as a full-time professional musician. Despite her success, her intuition guided her to pursue a new life in America.

Julie continued her music career in the United States and published her first US album, titled: Ecstasy. Julie traveled across the country and was able to jam with recording artists like Willie Nelson, sing at Fess Parker’s parties and even performed on the GrandOle Opry stage. During her journey, Julie was drawn into a new career as a professional yoga therapist, publishing her own yoga training DVD. Many of her clients were entrepreneurs and executives who confided in Julie their challenges and obstacles in business.

With her keen powers of intuition and a heightened sense of consciousness, Julie realized that many of her clients complained about being overloaded with information, change, and new technologies. Many of them were seeking a solution to quickly handle these challenges and become better decision-makers and leaders.

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