Our agro-innovation in the spice market

Clean Eating!

Enjoy cooking with delicious and trendy flavored “clean” healthy herb & spice sommelier blends perfected by Chef Marie and her expert team. Whether you are cooking for your family, entertaining your guests, or focused on healthy eating habits, we’ve got you covered!
Thank you for being part of the clean-label mission with us!

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The MCHEF® line features a series of rubs and spice cocktail blends that feature premium ingredients, botanic and roots, from around the world – all carefully prepared and packaged in North America.

All herbs and spice blends from the MCHEF® line are laboratory tested and verified to ensure that they meet the highest standard in quality. Certifications include HACCP, GFSI, SQF7.2 and Kosher.Our company also uses specialized creovac packaging to preserve a shelf life of over 18 months.

So, feel free to buy our spices in bulk with full confidence that you can prepare great tasting meals over the course of a year or more. My Grandma Jano used to say : ” Catching happiness? The success of a everyday life is found in the little things that brings all kinds of pleasures.

These are the things in life that really matters.” MCHEF® is part of a healthy lifestyle and we are proud to give you the best quality ingredients on the market.

Giving back to the community, we are citizen of the world. MCHEF® vibes for the CHILDREN CAUSE

Food isn’t our only passion. We care about our community and the next generations and that’s why 2% from all sales sold through our website and to food distributors is donated to this special cause that Chef Marie and her team has at heart. We participate of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital who is admirably giving their support to children in needs in 50 countries. We found their organization honorable. Let’s give generously to research for our children.